Every car has a certain age span depending on their condition and features, after which it starts showing up signs that should not be avoided. A car that requires frequent repairs and have a high fuel consumption indicate that your vehicle needs an upgrade. Even some of the sturdiest vehicles can frequently breakdown, while maintaining it can be expensive and impractical for their owners. Therefore, motorists should consider some important factors that show why they need to buy a new car. In addition, a wide variety of vehicles are available in the UAE car market including both brand new and used vehicles.

The following five signs show that it is time for motorists to buy a new car.

Your Car Needs Major Repair

Old car owners face the common problem of repairing their vehicle more than usual. It is usual that old vehicles are afflicted with mechanical issues concerning transmission or suspension, which is frequent repairs can be expensive. Such critical areas of repair require reliable and quick fixing or otherwise it may lead to further problems and damage. For many car owners there is a risk involved where overall cost of repair can be higher than the value of a vehicle itself.

On the other hand, in older vehicles occasional breakdown can be expected and car owners have to pay reasonable repair costs every once in a while. However, when the frequency of car breakdown increases that it is likely the time to think about upgrading to another car. Generally, car owners can experience two breakdowns in a year that involve costly repairs and incidents preventing the vehicle from being driven. When a vehicle reaches the stage of breaking down more frequently than motorists should consider other options to buy a suitable car.

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Lack of Safety Features

The safety element of a vehicle should never be ignored by motorists, especially family car buyers. Therefore, lack of safety features in a car must not be taken lightly by car owners of old cars as aging vehicle involves safety risk for the driver and passengers. An old car is often more prone to breakdowns at unexpected times, regardless of the fact how well-maintained it is. This can occur more frequently in extreme weather conditions.

Therefore, it is important for motorists to understand that no matter how well maintained a car is, eventually it will become unsafe due to its age and other mechanical failures. It is not only that a vehicle can become unreliable and prone to breaking down at dangerous times, but old cars also do not have many of the advanced safety features that are found in new vehicles.

Essential safety features to have in a car include forward collision alert, electronic stability control, blind spot monitoring, airbags and rear-view cameras. These safety features can make driving and commuting safer for drivers and passengers.

Interior of the Car is Worn Out

Another important sign that indicates why car owners should upgrade to a new vehicle is when the interior of the car is worn out. Motorists should, therefore, start thinking of buying a new car when their car interior shows wear and tear.

There can be some vital signs to easily spot when car’s interior begins aging such as a torn part or a crack on the vinyl or leather seats. Some other instances that show a worn-out interior include cracked cupholders, stained seating or torn fabric, falling off knobs, leaking sunroof or windows and holes in the floor.

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High-fuel Consumption than Usual

When a car needs to be refueled more often than usual then it is likely showing a clear sign for motorists that it is time for purchasing a new car. The fuel economy of a vehicle gradually starts depleting and sliding down with age and over years of use. Therefore, the older the car, the less fuel efficient it will become. Every year auto manufacturers try to introduce technologies in their latest vehicles that make them slightest more fuel efficient than the models of the previous year. At the same time, it can also be financially straining in terms of costs to operate a vehicle that have a high-fuel consumption.

In addition to this, the fuel consumption can depend how frequently a car is driven or used by their owner. However, motorists should avoid spending too much on fuel than the usual and they need to upgrade to a new vehicle with fuel efficient features.

Want to Upgrade to a New Car with Improved Features

Car owners are many times forced to re-evaluate about their vehicles due to lifestyle changes or wanting to upgrade to a new car with improved features. At times, motorists require to upgrade their vehicle as family grows or their frequency of commuting changes which is why motorists want to upgrade to a more fuel-efficient car.

A contemporary vehicle often comes equipped with enhanced driving technologies that make it easier for motorists to navigate as well as improving their drive. In addition, latest cars come with infotainment centers that have large screens with Bluetooth capabilities, enabling motorists to avoid using smartphones, answering calls and play music. On the other hand, there is a wide range of vehicles in the UAE car market and potential car buyers have many choices to choose from such as SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks.


Motorists need to consider some important signs indicating why they need to upgrade to a new car. There is a wide range of both new and used vehicles available in the UAE car market. For budget car buyers, it is ideal to purchase a slightly used car as pre-owned vehicles tend to depreciate less. On the other hand, purchasing a new vehicle can also be an excellent choice as such a car would offer higher reliability and longevity. However, when upgrading to a new car buyers should take a careful approach as the decision for buying a used or new car solely depends upon the budget and requirements of the motorist. Additionally, motorists should also consider opting for a reliable platform such as the specialized online marketplace to sell their old car and upgrade to a new one in a hassle-free process.

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