Selling a used vehicle can become a quite challenging task for car sellers, especially amid the present Covid-19 situation. This pandemic has impacted the economies and auto industry around the world, which is why there has been a slowdown or delay in the purchase of vehicles. However, car sellers should consider some important factors that will help them to sell a used car in a convenient and hassle-free way. Some of these essential factors include selling a vehicle on the right time, determining its resale value and choosing the most reliable platform for selling their car.

There are certain benefits of selling a used car on the right time such as getting the best resale value, saving your time and money. However, many car owners overlook the importance of selling their car on the right time even when car is not performing well, having high-fuel consumption and irregular breakdowns. Therefore, motorists should know some relevant details to decide about the ideal time for selling their vehicle and upgrading to a new one. To sell a used car on the right time will not only save car owner’s time and money but it will also help in getting the best resale value for it.

Let’s discuss the importance of selling a vehicle on the right time as it has certain advantages and why upgrading to another suitable car could be ideal choice for motorists.

Vehicle’s Mileage

The depreciation factor plays an important role when selling a used car. However, there are several factors for car’s depreciation, but mileage is among the most significant one. A vehicle starts depreciating as soon as it hits the road and it keep on decreasing steadily after crossing 30,000 in the first 3-5 years. By this time, a vehicle typically requires some major repair or service but warranty on new cars most likely starts expiring after crossing 50,000km or after 2-3 years of purchase. On the other hand, some mechanical problems may begin to show up when a vehicle cross the suggested mileage, as well as the need to change the tires and brakes.

It is ideal for motorists to take a smart decision by selling their car when the mileage is low and there is minimum wear-and-tear. Car owners can have beneficial experience to sell a used car at such a time as it can get them the best resale value. Once a car is used for a longer period with a mileage of over 50,000km then there are increased chances of frequent repairs. Therefore, selling a vehicle with a high car mileage should be avoided by car owners. Selling your car at the right time should be considered rather than when it starts depreciating increasingly and you have to spend a large amount on its repair and maintenance.

Condition of Your Vehicle

Another major factor to know that it is the right time of selling your car is when it is in good condition as it has the benefit of attracting potential buyers. Motorists need to service and maintain their vehicles regularly to keep it in best condition. As some cars that are maintained well, even after having a high car mileage or long period of use can still be in good condition. Whereas some cars with poor maintenance and driven badly can be mechanically junk just after crossing 25000km.

Therefore, it is essential to service and maintain your vehicle regularly to keep it good condition and retain its maximum value. In addition, car owners should prepare their vehicles by fixing minor issues in the exterior and interior when making a final decision. Selling a used vehicle when it is in good condition can be beneficial in getting the best value, while upgrading to another suitable car.

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Check Seasonal Discount Offers on New Cars

Motorists should look out for seasonal discounts on new vehicles in the UAE, particularly during the holiday and Ramadan season. Top auto manufacturers offer huge discounts to car buyers on some selected vehicles, which can be an excellent opportunity to sell an old car and upgrade to a new one.

These seasonal discounts and car deals are offered to motorists every year so they can conveniently decide beforehand about selling their vehicle. As this can be ideal time for motorists to upgrade to a new vehicle of their choice and look out for a best seasonal discount offer.

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Best Platform for Selling Your Car

There are various methods for selling a used vehicle in the UAE, however, car owners should consider the most reliable and authentic option. Some of the most common used platforms include car dealerships, and classified websites. In addition, selling a used car through online specialized marketplace is another platform that is gaining popularity among motorists.

To sell a vehicle through car dealers require sellers to negotiate well with them as they are experienced professionals who can convince people and leverage the price in their favour. Dealers also purchase vehicles from selected car brands and offer trade-in deals to sellers. Such hurdles can make selling of a used vehicle challenging for car owners, and it may result in financial loss. On the other hand, classified websites allow car sellers to post ad of their vehicles by sharing their personal information so that potential buyers can contact them. However, there are many people with fraudulent intentions and these websites do not require any sort of identity authentication of their users. Therefore, people with no prior experience of dealing with private dealers can be vulnerable to fraud or even serious breach of privacy.

Selling a used car online can bring several benefits for sellers but it is essential that they look for a reliable and credible platform. Specialized online marketplace offers the convenience of determining the accurate market price of a car through a comprehensive car valuation service, without any charges. Through a professional and transparent process, car sellers can sell their vehicles without any stress. Specialist car buying companies also handles all the post-sale paperwork without any additional costs. This can make the car selling process quick and hassle-free, saving car sellers time and money. Opting for a professional and reliable platform plays an important role for selling a vehicle on the right time. Therefore, selling your car conveniently through specialized online marketplace can be an ideal option in order to upgrade to a more suitable vehicle easily.

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