Selling a used vehicle can become a challenging task for car owners, especially who do not have any prior experience of car selling. Several important aspects should be considered when selling a used car in the UAE such as determining the vehicle’s resale value, avoiding scams, risk of financial loss and paperwork involved. Car sellers, on the other hand, can also face additional problems which include the potential risk to deal people with fraudulent intentions and difficulty in price negotiations. However, car sellers can avoid these challenges by choosing the right platform to sell their used car.

Several car buying platforms are available in the UAE that can be considered to sell used vehicles. It is important, however, to choose the most reliable platform after having comparative analysis of all the available options.

Here are some essential details about selling a used vehicle at the best value, without any delay or hassle.

Options Available to Sell a Used Vehicle

Car owners have variety of platforms available to choose from for selling their used vehicles such as car dealerships, classified websites and professional car buying companies. All these are common methods of selling a used car in the UAE, but one should consider evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of these available options when taking a final decision.

Car Dealerships

Car dealers are among the most common used method for selling a used vehicle in the UAE. This platform, however, may be less suitable for the first-time car sellers as selling through car dealers involve several challenges. These professional dealers have years of experience which makes them quite adept to negotiate lower prices than the actual market value of the used vehicles they buy. Therefore, car sellers with no prior experience of car selling may find it difficult to negotiate a fair price for their vehicles and it would result in a financial loss.

In addition to that, usually car dealers also offer a trade-in deal, which refers to selling a used car and purchasing a new one from the same dealer by adjusting the net difference between the two payments. This may at first sound like a profitable and hassle-free deal, but car sellers should note that trade-in deals limit their benefits of transaction. As used car sellers can either get a discount on the purchase of a new car or negotiate a fair resale price on selling their old car. Having two separate transactions for selling a used car and purchasing a new one can help car sellers in getting both advantages.

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Online Classifieds

Selling a used car through online classified has certain limitations for car sellers, such as the potential risk of a car fraud or scam. On such unverified online platforms car sellers have to provide their personal contact details and dealing with strangers for the inspection of a used car. In addition, finding a serious buyer can be extremely difficult with no guaranteed purchase at the end, while dealing with strangers pose a serious privacy risk. Such challenges can make the process of car used car selling through classified websites quite difficult and frustrating.

Additionally, car sellers have to take into consideration several other aspects when selling a car through classified websites which include estimating the vehicle’s value, writing advertisement description and taking pictures of the car. This is why, car selling through this platform can be time-consuming, resulting in unnecessary delay.

There is also no mechanism of determining the authenticity of users on the classified websites, making them a relatively less suitable or safe platform for selling vehicles. Similarly, the process of payment is also unsafe for car sellers as it poses a high risk of frauds.

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Professional Car Buying Companies

The complications and challenges associated with selling a used car in the UAE is addressed through an ideal solution, which is offered by the professional car buying companies. This expert online marketplace simplifies the entire car selling process by providing a hassle-free approach to used car sellers. Additionally, car sellers can also determine the fair resale price of their vehicles through a professional car evaluation service, which is completely free of cost.

Choosing the Right Platform to Sell a Used Car in the UAE

The best option of selling a used vehicle is through the professional car buying companies in the UAE. As they offer a simple and transparent process, starting with a free online car evaluation service. Car sellers only need to enter their vehicle’s basic details to get a preliminary estimation of the vehicle’s resale value through a user-friendly online car valuation tool.

Following the online car valuation, in the second step an appointment needs to be set for a physical inspection of the used car. Automotive experts of this online marketplace will determine the actual market value of the vehicle and giving a final purchase offer to car owners within 30 minutes. If the car seller accepts the given purchase offer, then there will be an immediate sale transaction. Additionally, the expert online marketplace handles all the post-sale paperwork such as the deregistration of the car.

The entire car selling process is simplified and made hassle-free by the expert online marketplace, which buys used vehicles of all kinds, regardless of their condition, make, model, or age. This online car buying platform offers an unmatched service to car sellers through a completely transparent, authentic and safe process. Therefore, expert online marketplace is the best platform for selling cars in the UAE.


Opting for the most reliable and best platform to sell used vehicle can make the car selling a hassle-free experience for owners. The afore-mentioned information should be considered by used car sellers to be able to identify the most reliable platform for selling their used car at the best price, without any hassle.

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