During the last few years, the used cars market in the UAE has grown constantly. A large number of used cars is sold and purchased every day in the highly competitive and diversified car market of the UAE. It can be easier for potential car buyers to choose a suitable car within their budget. However, at the same time it can be difficult for car sellers to attract serious buyers and making their vehicle standout out of the wide variety of used vehicles. Therefore, it can be quite challenging for car sellers to find potential buyers to sell their used car at the best price.

To get a good resale value for a used car, it is essential for car owners to keep their vehicles well-maintained throughout its use. Some important practices can help car owners when they make up their mind to sell their used car such as gaining knowledge about market trends, preparing the used car, avoiding fraudulent dealers, and finding the right platform to sell a car. Additionally, determining the used vehicle’s resale price through a professional car valuation service can further increase the chances of getting a fair price for a vehicle.

Let’s discuss all the essential practices that can help car owners in getting a good resale value for their used vehicles and selling them at the best price.

Prepare Your Car

Before showing your vehicle to an interested buyer, make sure that it is prepared well. The condition and looks of a used vehicle can affect the serious buyer’s decision to either purchase it or not. Therefore, it should be ensured that a used vehicle is thoroughly checked for cleaning and repairing work.

When cleaning a vehicle, one should remove all the private and essential items of personal use. It can be followed by washing the exterior of the vehicle, vacuuming the floor and cleaning all the stains from seat covers to make it look attractive from all sides. In addition to this, car owners need to have a good judgment about what repair or fixing can add value to their car, whereas avoiding costly work that may not have any major difference. It is best to fix some minor damages without spending much such as ripped paint, scratches and dents on a vehicle. A well-prepared used vehicle can easily have an increased value and one can demand a higher price from potential buyers.

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Determine the Used Car’s Resale Price

After preparing your vehicle, the next thing to do is to estimate the potential market value of a used car. Most often, car sellers overestimate the resale value of their vehicle, which lower their chances of attracting serious buyers. There are various ways to determine the market value of a used car, but it is important to not waste time and efforts on less suitable options.

Car sellers usually decide a price for their car after comparing it with the prices of similar vehicles given in classified websites online. However, this is not the most suitable and practical option for determining a used car’s resale value. These listings on the classified websites barely shows the expected prices of used car owners, rather than the actual value of used car.

The most ideal option for used car owners is to always choose a professional platform that offers a comprehensive car evaluation service as this will help them in knowing the accurate market value of a vehicle’s residual value.

Avoiding Fraudulent Dealers and Risk of Financial Loss

One of the most essential practices that car sellers must consider is to look for a safe and hassle-free platform for selling a used car. Private selling of a car through unverified classified websites can be time-taking, risky and unproductive. As selling a used car through classified websites can make sellers wait for several weeks and they do not guarantee sellers about finding a potential buyer in a quick time.  In addition, several people with fraudulent intentions can approach sellers as there is no system of verifying identities of users on these websites. Therefore, it is ideal to opt for a reliable and authentic platform to sell a used car in order to avoid fraudulent dealers and risk of financial loss.

On the other hand, selling a used vehicle to car dealership is a common used method in the UAE, which is a credible process that leads to selling of a used vehicle automatically. However, used car sellers should know that there can be a risk of not getting the best resale price for a used vehicle when they choose this method. Car dealers usually offer low prices for used vehicles, and it can be quite difficult for inexperienced sellers to convince them for a fair deal. Therefore, there are certain limitations for car sellers with this approach as dealers have good negotiation skills than inexperienced sellers, and this can lead to selling cars at relatively low price.

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Find a Reliable and Professional Car Buying Platform

The platform car sellers choose for selling their used vehicle can play a massive role in determining the success of selling a used car at the best price. Some of the most common used ways include classified websites, and car dealerships which were mentioned before. Another option for car sellers is to opt for a specialized online marketplace for selling used cars. Arguably this is the safest and most effective way of selling any used car in the UAE as specialist car buying companies offer a transparent process and also ensure guaranteed purchase of every used car. It is important part of car selling process that sellers should choose the right platform by comparing all the options available. A reliable and authentic car selling method will enable car sellers to have the most beneficial experience and selling their used car at the best price, without any hassle.

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