Selling a used vehicle can be a difficult task for the car sellers in the UAE, even for the experienced sellers. These challenges can get even more difficult for those who are selling for the first-time as they can face issues in finding a potential buyer, without any delay.

There are various options available for selling a used vehicle such as car dealers, classified websites and specialist car buying companies. However, car sellers need to consider assessing their available options before making a final decision in order to avoid certain problems. Some of these problems include car frauds, complication in negotiating for a fair resale price of a used car and handling all the paperwork.

These best option for the selling of a used car quickly and in a hassle-free way should consider the platform of the specialist car buying companies. On this reliable platform, car sellers are provided a fair resale value for used vehicles and dealing with all the comprehensive paperwork.

Let’s discuss the several important factors that car sellers should know about when selling their cars.

Car Sellers Face Delay in Finding Serious Buyers

Finding a serious buyer is one of the most common challenge of selling a use car vehicle on authentic or less suitable platforms. Car sellers opting for classified websites for selling their used vehicles can face the huge risk of delay in finding a serious buyer, as it can take several weeks. Selling a car through classified websites can help car owners by attracting the attention of car buyers after advertising their cars, however this process of car selling can be seriously complicated. Most often potential buyers may show their interest in purchasing the car immediately but delaying their decision for inspecting the vehicle or taking it for a test drive.

In addition to this, even when car buyers show up for car inspection, still it cannot be guaranteed that they will take a final decision to buy the vehicle. However, sellers can avoid this problem if they opt for specialist car buying companies to sell their vehicles.

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Risk of Car Frauds

Selling a used vehicle on unreliable platforms can involve the potential risk of car frauds and scams. Therefore, first-time car sellers need to be extra cautious as people with fraudulent intention can easily target them. Car sellers with no prior experience are more vulnerable to fraudulent car deals and car frauds since they cannot easily distinguish between genuine buyers and fraudsters.

Selling of a used vehicle through car dealers is among the most common methods in the UAE to sell a used car. There are several unlicensed car dealers in the car market who can trick sellers by faking their identity, which is why car sellers should be cautious to choose such a platform.

Such unauthorized dealers should be avoided by car sellers at all costs for selling or purchasing any vehicle. It is, therefore, important to look for authentic and reputable car dealerships to sell used vehicles. In addition, car sellers can check the trade license of the dealer if there is any doubt about their identity.

In addition to this, classified websites are also not suitable for selling used vehicles as there is no mechanism of assessing the authenticity of the users on this platform. There is also an absence of any sort of monitoring of the entire process of car selling, making the classified websites a less suitable and unreliable option for car sellers to opt for.

No Safe Payment Process

There is no proper payment gateway for the transaction when selling cars through classified websites, which is why it can be unsafe platform. In the UAE, a few incidents were also recorded in the past where dud cheque was offered as the payment against the vehicle’s value to their owners. This is why, car owners should always remain careful when they decide to sell their vehicles through classified websites, while avoiding accepting cheques at all costs.

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Risk of Financial Loss

Selling used car through car dealerships involves the significant risk of financial loss as car dealers have years of experience at hand, which make them capable of convincing inexperienced sellers to sell their vehicles at a low price. These dealers also offer trade-ins usually to car sellers who are looking for selling their old vehicles and then upgrading to a new one.

Trade-in deals are referred to selling a used vehicle and then purchasing a new one from the same dealer, whereas the seller have to pay the difference between the two payments. However, such a trade-in deal is not in the favor of the car sellers as car dealerships consider a trade-in deals to be of a single transaction. This implies that the seller will only be able to have the benefit of getting a discount for purchasing a new car in a trade-in deal or selling a vehicle at a good price. Therefore, car sellers can avail both of these advantages by separating the two transactions.

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Best Platform for Selling Used Cars

The specialized online marketplace is the largest car buying platform in the UAE, offering a detailed car purchase service. Every used vehicle that has been inspected by the automotive experts of the company are offered guaranteed purchase. With such offer, it is made significantly easier for car sellers who would have to otherwise try negotiating with car dealerships to get a fair resale value or deal with several interested buyers.

However, by choosing the best platform of the specialized online marketplace car sellers can conveniently and quickly sell their vehicle within 30 minutes. At the same time, on this reliable and reputed platform any vehicle is purchased at its best market price, regardless of their age, condition, model or make. Car sellers can, therefore, sell their vehicles easily and quickly when they opt for the specialized online marketplace.

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