The car sellers often ask the question, “How do I sell my car in Dubai?” The car market in Dubai is very diverse and a large number of almost new vehicles are available at affordable prices that give a tough competition to sellers who are looking to sell their used cars. This is the biggest hurdle the car sellers have to face when they are trying to find a reliable buyer to sell a car in Dubai.

Moreover, the inexperienced car sellers often find it hard to sell a used car and the process of selling a car can take up to months if the sellers cannot find a reliable buyer. Many car sellers often ask car experts, “How can I sell my car fast?” The leading car experts have been recommending sellers to follow safe car selling tips to safely sell a car in Dubai.

How Do I Sell My Car – Three Main Platforms to Safely Sell a Car

When car sellers come to experts to know how to sell a car in Dubai, they are always advised to sell their used cars through the three main platforms in Dubai that are car dealers, classified websites and specialist car buying companies. However, the car experts always recommend sellers to avoid fraudsters while selling a used car. Here are the main platforms that car sellers can use to sell their cars safely and efficiently.

Are Car Dealers Safe to Sell My Car in Dubai?

Selling a car through private car dealers is one of the oldest methods that sellers in Dubai have been using to sell their used cars. The car dealers have been providing their services of selling and buying cars for decades and are popular among car sellers. These dealers offer the best car selling deal in terms of security and there are no hidden costs that the sellers might have to incur. Moreover, there is only one middleman involved in the whole process that makes car selling safe and secure.

When a car seller asks, “How do I sell my car?” the car experts advice sellers to sell their used cars through the Registered Car Dealers. These dealers are very experienced individuals and are known to make car selling deals safe. The registered car dealers will never hesitate to show their working license whenever asked by the sellers.

Selling a car through a private car dealer can be a very lucrative deal, but it is necessary that the sellers should find a reliable car dealer. Unfortunately, there are many fake or unlicensed car dealers in the market who offer fake deals to sellers to make quick money. These dealers do not hold any working license and will always try to hide their identity. Such fake car dealers will never guarantee a safe car selling deal.

When car sellers agree to their terms, the fake car dealers will pass a dud cheque and have the title of the car transferred to their name. This leaves the sellers with nothing when they realise that they have been paid through a fake channel and cannot do anything because the title of the car has already been transferred to the dealer’s name.

When car sellers ask, “How do I sell my car safely in Dubai?” It is always important that the sellers should first make themselves assure of the dealer’s identity. Similarly, there are dealers who are providing online car selling services that seem to make money only for their business models. Therefore, it is the responsibility of sellers to find a reliable dealer that can safely sell their used cars in Dubai.

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Sell My Car through Classified Websites

The classified websites are an online platform for selling used cars through which the sellers can sell the used cars even from the comfort of their homes. These websites are popular among car sellers in Dubai who would like to sell a used car privately and without the help of an agent whom they would have to pay a commission. The ease of internet services has made it easy for sellers to post a car selling ad on any of the classified websites to easily sell their used cars.

Classifieds offer sellers a platform where they can reach a large number of audience and potentially meet an interested buyer. However, these websites neither offer a guarantee of a safe car selling deal nor they provide safety to car sellers. The inexperienced car sellers can easily face fraudsters on these websites who offer fake car selling deals.

Another disadvantage of selling a car through classified websites is that the sellers have to leave their private phone numbers in the ads of their cars. The private numbers of sellers can be used by fraudsters with evil intentions and they try to disturb them, especially if the ad was posted by a female seller.

When car sellers ask car experts, “How do I sell my car through classified websites?” the experts always recommend them to be cautious of the fraudsters on classifieds. A number of cases have already been reported in Dubai where sellers have suffered fake car selling deals trying to sell used cars through classified websites. The fraudsters either run away with the car while doing the physical inspection or pay a dud cheque as a mode of payment.

Therefore, selling a car through classified might be risky if sellers do not follow safe car selling tips to avoid the fraudsters.

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How Do I Sell My Car through a Car Buying Expert Company?

One of the best and risk-free methods to sell a used car in Dubai is selling a car through a car buying expert company such as The is the specialist company for buying cars that has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy platform to sell used cars in Dubai. The company offers quite user-friendly services that can be utilized by the sellers with internet access.

To sell a car through, the sellers have to add the basic information of the car in the free online car valuation form that is available on the company’s website. The sellers will be provided an estimated price of their used cars through an online car price calculator that uses the information provided by sellers. The company makes it easy for sellers who find it difficult to know “how do I sell my car?” as there are no obligations on sellers.

If the sellers like the estimated price, they can book an appointment for the physical inspection of their cars at any nearby branch of the company. The physical inspection of the car is done by the team of leading car experts that will present a final price of the car to the sellers. As soon as the seller accepted the offered price, it leads to an immediate selling of the used car and the whole process can be completed within just 30 minutes.

The takes care of the post-sale paperwork to minimize the burden on sellers. Once the title of the car is transferred to the company, the sellers will be paid the agreed amount. The company’s method of payment is safe as it is automated and the company pay sellers through online bank transfer.

The company provides the best answer to, “How do I sell my car in Dubai?” Moreover, the sellers are free to reject the car selling deal if they are not comfortable with the final price.


The car sellers often ask, “How do I sell my car?” The car experts recommend sellers to find a reliable car selling platform where they can safely and efficiently sell their used cars. By reading the advantages and disadvantages of each platform mentioned above, the car sellers can decide which platform is the best and safe to sell a used car in Dubai.