Finding reliable car buying websites in the UAE is one of the most challenging tasks for the first-time car seller. The UAE car market is ranked as one of the most competitive car markets globally for its abundance of vehicles that are available for sale. Motorists buy cars to maintain a lifestyle and they aim to update as soon as possible, which means they sell their cars in good condition. The market is floating with second hand cars that are in fairly good condition, which leads to the sellers of older models of vehicles being unable to get a good price for the used car.

For the first-time seller who is struggling with the process of selling a car in the UAE, here is a brief overview of how you can find reliable car buying websites in the UAE along with an overview of various car selling options online.

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Conduct a Research to Find Car Buying Websites in the UAE

For finding the best car buying websites in the UAE, it is important to first go through the options that are available rather than asking from friends and acquaintances about the best option. A detailed research is recommended by the experts where the seller must shortlist the options first and see if the methods fulfil the requirements that the sellers has for a in a good car selling method. Once everything is settled, the seller must know about the work process along with pros and cons of the method. This will help the seller to select the option that suits the best. For someone looking to save time here is a detailed overview about various car selling methods along with their procedure and pros and cons.

Sell Car in Dubai via the Classified Websites

Sell Your Car through Classified Websites

Classified websites are considered amongst the oldest and conventional methods of selling car in the UAE. These websites work as an advertising platform where the sellers can advertise their car and then potential buyers can contact the sellers via these websites. The process is simple and easy to follow, the seller has to prepare an ad with high quality pictures along with a small description of the vehicle and contact details of the seller. With the help of these contact details, the buyer can contact the seller and fix a meeting or deal. There is no registration fee or service fee because these websites just work as a platform however, some classified websites cost registration fee as well as have boosting fee to help the ad reach maximum audience. The main concern is the security as many of the deals done via the classified websites are scams because the management does not keep track of the seller as well as buyer and eventually if things go wrong, there is no way to either tract them or report them. This is one of the leading reasons experts recommend first-time sellers to avoid classified websites.

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Sell Your Car via Auction Websites

One of the recently introduced car buying websites in the UAE include auction websites. These websites have an online auction process that is held by the company. However, the process is quite lengthy but as the priority of the company is the security, this long process is worth it. The process is divided into steps and each step has a verification process without which the seller cannot procced further. The first step is the registration process which requires the seller to add the personal information including the name, contact details and other official documents. Moreover, a specific fee is charged for the verification process so this can be an expensive procedure.

As a standard profile, the seller has to post a high-quality picture along with a small description that explains the specifications of the car. Once all the information is uploaded, the company selects a day and send auction invitations to all the bidders. The online auction is held on the selected day and the car is assigned to the highest bidder. Once the auction is completed, the seller is asked to bring the car to the company outlet for the physical inspection and the seller has to pay for the inspection, moreover the seller is also required to handle all the paper and pay for the process along with the service charges of these auction websites. In short, the process is lengthy, extremely expensive and hard to follow.

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Sell Used Car To Car Buying Expert Companies

Car buying expert companies are the online websites that offer a fast and easy car selling process. The seller is required to start the process with an online price valuation. This valuation just takes 15 seconds and the seller can get an estimation free of cost without any problem. This online car valuation is estimated via an online car value calculator that is available on the website of these car buying expert companies. If the seller finds the price quoted by these car valuation calculator acceptable, the seller can further proceed to the second stage by booking physical inspection of the vehicle.

For the physical inspection, the seller is asked to bring the car to the company outlet where a team conducts a detailed physical inspection. Once the inspection process is completed final price quote is offered to the buyer who has no obligation to accept it if the price is not according to his or her liking. On accepting the final offer, the money is transferred to the account of the seller via electronic bank transfer whereas, the company also handles the post-sale paperwork. This whole process takes 30 minutes and it is free of cost, which makes it ideal for anyone who wants to sell car in the UAE.   

Final Verdict

With all the above mentioned car selling websites in UAE, the best option so far is car buying expert companies. These companies have designed a very strict protocol that ensures a quick, easy and secure car selling process for the sellers. It is one of the highly recommended methods of car selling that is completely free.

When a car seller asks, “How to sell my car in the UAE used car market?” selling a used car through is the ideal way to quickly and safely sell any used car.