Many car sellers often ask the question, “I need to sell my car fast, but how?” This is the biggest hurdle the car sellers have to face when they want to sell a car in the UAE. Sellers often question the platforms available to them and are always on the quest to find the most reliable car selling platform in the UAE. Private sellers often find it hard to sell their cars quickly in the UAE as the UAE car market is very diverse and the competition is very tough.

The dynamic car market of the UAE attracts almost new vehicles that are easily available at affordable prices. The sellers are always trying to find the buyer who will give the best selling price for their car. However, this can be a long process that can take up to months, if the seller does not find the right buyer.

The methods that are available in the UAE provide different levels of comfort to the seller because of their diverse nature. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and the seller just has to find the one that suits his or her needs.

Need to Sell My Car Fast – Three Main Platforms to Sell a Car Quickly

When people come to experts asking, “Where can I sell my car fast,” they always advise them to sell their car through the three main platforms in the UAE. These three main platforms are car dealers, classified websites and car buying specialists such as Here are the main platforms that can be used to sell a car in the UAE quickly and efficiently.

Sell Car to Car Dealers

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Car Dealers

The oldest method that is being used for car selling in the UAE is through Registered Car Dealers. Car Dealers are very experienced individuals and are known to have been involved with car sales in the UAE for many years. Selling a car to a car dealer can be a very lucrative deal, however, it is necessary that you find a reliable car dealer.

There are many unlicensed and fake dealers who offer fake deals to the sellers to make quick money. These dealers don’t have an official license to operate in the UAE so they scam the innocent sellers into parting away from their vehicle. Such fake dealers will offer the sellers exceptionally good money for the vehicle and when the seller agrees to their terms, the fake dealer will pass a dud cheque and have the title of the vehicle transferred to their name.

Once the seller realizes what has happened with him, the dealer may be long gone with the vehicle and there is nothing that the seller could do about it because the vehicle would legally belong to the dealer because the title was transferred to him.

Classified Websites

Another popular platform through which you can sell your car in the UAE is classified websites. These websites are popular among the sellers who would like to sell their car private and without the help of an agent who they will have to pay a commission.

Although there are many people who have had a successful experience with selling their car through classified websites, there are many people who had bad experiences. Since these are websites that only offer a platform where you can meet with the interested buyers, these websites offer no guarantee of a sale or take any responsibility for your safety.

Another con of selling your vehicle via classified websites is that you will have to leave your private phone number in the ad for your car. There are many fraudsters who take phone numbers from the ads and try to prank them and disturb them, especially if the ad was posted by a female. Another down side of selling your car via a classified website is that you can easily become a target of a car scam.

When people ask experts, “I need to sell my car fast, but can I do via classified websites?” the experts always tell them to be cautious because there have been many cases where the innocent sellers were scammed by fake buyers who will promise to buy their car, but the fake buyer either steals the vehicle or pass them a dud cheque. This is a risky method and one should always ensure their own protection and safety before agreeing to meet with any potential buyer for their car.

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Sell Your Car to

One of the best and risk-free platforms to sell a car in the UAE is by selling your to, a car buying expert. The platform is a professional car selling organization that has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy method of car selling in the UAE. The system is also quite user-friendly and can be utilized by anyone with internet access.

Sell a Car Online by Cash Any Car

The process of selling starts when a seller enters basic details of his car in to the free online car valuation form, which then provides the seller with an estimated price for the car based on the information provided. The system uses an online car price calculator that uses recent market data and also considers the cars model, year and condition as well. If the seller likes the estimated price then he can book a free appointment for a detailed physical inspection of his car by the car valuation experts of the company. You will have to choose a time and date that you are most comfortable with and meet with the expert at the company’s location.

Once the detailed inspection is done, the car valuation expert will present the seller with a final price for the car. If the seller accepts the price offered, his car is bought instantly by the The entire process, of valuation, inspection and sale can be completed in a matter of just 30 minutes. The company then deals with the post-sale paperwork of the car on its own, in order to ensure that the seller faces the least amount of hassle in the after-sale scenario.

Once the title of the vehicle is transferred to the company, they will immediately transfer the agreed amount to your bank account. However, at any time, you feel that you do not want to sell your car to the company, then you can always take your vehicle with you and leave the deal. The company offers free services, however, there are no obligations attached to them, so you are free to reject the deal as you wish. And if you want to sell your car to after rejecting their offer, you are always welcome to sell your car to them at the price that they offered to you.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many people who think, “I need to sell my car fast,” they are often confused as to which platform will be most effective for them. By reading the pros and cons of each platform mentioned in this blog, you can decide which platform is the best for you.