As a car seller living in Dubai, I will always try to find out the best way to sell my car in Dubai because the car market here has been expanding rapidly for the last few years. Different car companies have introduced modern vehicles in the Dubai car market with innovative technologies and powerful performance attributes that have made them a point of attraction for the car buyers. However, the hefty price tags on these modern vehicles have made them difficult to buy and the buyers are left with no other option but to buy the used vehicles.

This cycle of car buying and selling have increased the demand for used vehicles in the car market and a number of car selling and buying deals are taking place on daily basis. Today, the car market in Dubai is inundated with a number of private car dealers who always make themselves ready to buy the used vehicles. Moreover, to sell a car In Dubai, the sellers have access to different car buying websites where they can easily sell their used vehicles to save their money as well as the time. But are these platforms for car selling safe enough?

Here are some essential tips to make car selling process easier and safer in Dubai.

Sell My Car in Dubai to Private Car Dealers

The private car dealers seem to be an easy way of car selling in the used car markets throughout the world. It is a car selling channel that has been followed by the car sellers for a long period of time as in the past there were limited resources and the private car dealers emerged as the major source to sell any used vehicle. Today, the ease of internet access has further expanded their businesses and the car dealers are providing online services of car selling.

Sell My Car in Dubai to Private Car Dealers

If I want to sell a car in Dubai then I can easily approach these private car buyers to get a good resale value of my vehicle but for this process, I might suffer some security risks that could lead to even the loss of my vehicle. Moreover, to get the services of the private car dealers, the sellers have to pay some amount and sometime also a hidden cost that these dealers do not tell the sellers in the begging of the process.

A registered private car dealer always shows his trade license and will never hesitate to avoid showing it whenever asked by the sellers. These registered car dealers follow a legal car buying process and work according to the laws. However, on the other hand, a fake car dealer will never show his trade license and make fake car selling and buying deals. Different cases have been reported throughout the UAE where fake car dealers have bought the vehicles and do not pay the sellers or even run away with them.

So, to sell my car in Dubai to private car dealers, I will always first check their trade licenses and try not to incur any hidden cost throughout the process.

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Can You Sell a Car Safely through Classified Websites?

The classified websites are considered important for online buying and selling of different products. These websites are easy to operate and follow a simple procedure to sell any product. The ease of access and free of cost procedure of classified websites have made them a point of attraction for a number of buyers and sellers who are making these websites thriving in this era of digital competition.

Can You Sell a Car Safely through Classified Websites?

It has also become familiar with the selling and buying of used cars in different car markets through classified websites. You can easily access the classified websites to sell a car in Dubai as a number of car selling and buying deals here are taking place on daily basis. Moreover, the private car dealers are also providing online services to the car sellers and the latter can easily reach the former through classified websites.

The classified websites provide an easy platform for the car sellers to sell their used vehicles at a good price. These websites are a good source of reaching a large number of the audience where the sellers can reach a potential buyer of their used vehicles. I can sell my car in Dubai through classified websites by following an easy process that requires an online ad of my vehicle with some essential information about my used vehicle.

To sell a car through classified websites, the sellers are required to put an online ad of their used vehicle on any classified website. The seller needs to take some quality pictures of his vehicle with a quality camera to post an ad of the vehicle. It is often recommended by the leading car experts that before you decide to sell your used vehicle, it is important that you give a good look to your vehicle by following the important car maintenance tips.

You have to wash your vehicle before selling it and this can be done by washing the exterior and cleaning the interior of your vehicle. After washing the exterior, the seller needs to polish it with some good quality polisher and can further wax it to protect the paint. It is also important to clean the interior by removing the dust from different areas of the cabin and by cleaning the cargo area to give the interior a better look.

The maintenance of the vehicle also includes the wellbeing of the engine, brakes, and tyres. I can sell a car in Dubai easily by maintaining the engine of my vehicle and for that, I need to continuously change the engine oil (when required), maintain the hoses and belt, do the battery check, and replacing the spark plugs if there is any need of it. Similarly, the brakes and tyres of the vehicle need to be continuously monitored to keep the vehicle running in better condition.

By following these essential car maintenance tips, the sellers can easily sell their used vehicles. A vehicle that is maintained will attract the buyers and the classified websites can be helpful in this scenario. However, the classified websites might not as easy and safe as they look because these websites do not follow any legal car selling and buying process and that can lead in the loss of your vehicle at the hands of some fake car buyers.

A number of fake car deals have been reported in the UAE where the fake car buyers approach the sellers to buy their vehicles but either run away with them or pay a dud cheque as a mode of payment. Moreover, the classified websites are not obliged to protect the personal information of the sellers and that can be accessed by any person with evil intentions. So, the classified websites do not ensure a safe car selling process and make sell my car Dubai process difficult for me.

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Sell a Car in Dubai to a Professional Car Buying Company

The sellers can still sell their used vehicles safely and at a god price by selling them to any professional car buying company. As the car market in Dubai has grown immensely, the number of professional cars buying companies here has increased and the sellers can easily reach any to sell his used car. However, not all of these companies provide free of cost services and can sell my car in Dubai within few minutes.

Sell a Car in Dubai to a Professional Car Buying Company

The is a professional car buying company in the UAE who follows a transparent, easier, and fast procedure to buy any used vehicle. The sellers have not to worry about anything when they sell their used vehicles to as the company is registered with the authorities and follows a legal car buying process. The most notable trait of this company is that it buys any kind of vehicle regardless of its condition as long as the seller wants to sell it.

The makes the sell my car Dubai process easier because to sell any car to the company, the seller has to fill an online car valuation form that tells an estimated price of the vehicle before even going to any of the company’s official branch. If the seller likes the estimated price, he can book an appointment with the leading car expert team of the company for the physical inspection of his vehicle.

The price of the vehicle that is estimated in the beginning of the process is subject to physical inspection of the vehicle and after that, the car expert team tell the seller a final price of the vehicle within just 30 minutes. If the offered price is accepted by the seller, it leads to an immediate selling of his vehicle and for the convenience of the seller, the also takes care of the post-sale paperwork. Moreover, the company pays the seller through electronic bank transfer thus making the whole deal secure and safe.

If I want to sell my car in Dubai then it is not difficult for me to find the best place to sell it as the is always ready to make the car selling process easier for me.