The owners of used cars in the UAE face a constant dilemma of trying to find a system that can get them a good enough selling price. Car sellers are often faced with the grim reality of their cars being devalued over time, and therefore have to improvise in terms of additional features or improvements on their cars to get a better sales deal for them. There are other hidden problems as well. The car seller has to remain on alert for fake buyers and potentially hazardous situations that might jeopardize his safety. There are issues relating to cash as well, which relate to dud cheques and payment frauds and cannot be foreseen unless the seller remains vigilant.

Therefore, the seller needs to be aware of certain avenues that can help him in the process of selling his car and gaining a profit as well. The sales process can be made to be much shorter and less time consuming by the use of these avenues. They are a part of the things that the seller needs to keep in mind to ensure effective and hassle-free car sales in the country. The seller’s options are limited by his need for a quick sales deal, but he has the freedom to choose the kind of platform that he would like to use for the sake of the process.

Below are some things that everyone must consider when they want to sell a car in the UAE.

Want to Sell My Car – Determine the Resale Value

The first thing that a seller needs to take care of when selling his car in the UAE is that he needs to have an idea about the worth of his used car. This is one of the most important things that a seller needs to consider, because used cars depreciate in value over time and therefore are much harder to sell. For this purpose, the seller can approach Registered Car Dealers. Registered car dealers are a well-known method of car valuation in the UAE. The dealers are experts in figuring out the trends of the UAE Car market and know all tricks of the trade.

Want to Sell My Car - Determine the Resale Value

The limitations that the seller needs to keep in mind while dealing with this method include the possibility of wrong values being provided by the dealer. The seller also needs to keep in mind the propensity of dealers in forcing the seller to pay large sums of money as commission to them. This can be very frustrating and uncomfortable for the seller. The seller would be better off with a system that can provide him with an accurate selling price for his car. Professional car selling organizations are quite efficient in this sense and can assist if someone comes to them and say “I want to sell my car in Dubai.”

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Assemble the Car’s Paperwork

The seller will have to gather all the relevant paperwork of his car in order to be prepared for an eventual sales process. It can be very inconvenient for the seller if his paperwork is scattered and un-locatable for the sales process. The seller needs to collect and organize the title, warranty documents, sales bill, and the maintenance records and ownership deeds of the car.

Assemble the Car’s Paperwork

These documents can be used for making the sales process easier to complete on time. The seller can either opt for this option or consider the platforms from where he would be able to get these services done on his behalf. The professional organizations are the best option in this regard as well, because they take care of the paperwork process on their own and relieve the seller from having to face hassle.

Inspect the Car and Get it Cleaned Up if Necessary

The next step for the seller would be to conduct a thorough inspection of his car either on his own or by someone who has the relevant experience. The benefit of this can be that the seller might be able to get quick fixes and perform minor maintenance on the vehicle as well before having interested buyers take a look at it.

Inspect the Car and Get it Cleaned Up if Necessary

These services can also be provided by inspection specialists and the seller has many options to consider. However, it is for the seller to decide what platform to use in this regard as well, as inspections are costly and do take time as well. The seller would look to find a platform that would give him a free of cost car inspection that presents an actual sales value of his car as well.

Professional organizations are to be preferred in this scenario as well, as these offer free car valuations and inspections as well.

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Prepare an Ad for the Car and Take Pictures for That Purpose

The seller would then look to post ads on car selling platforms for the sales purpose. To accomplish that, he would require information about the car and a few pictures as well that would go onto the car selling websites or the classified papers.

The process can be hectic, as the seller would not only have to take time out to first prepare the ad, he would also have to physically go to or contact the ad companies on his own.

The seller’s time management would be at a great disadvantage then. He would be better off using a platform that not only provides the service for free but also provides him a sales guarantee. I can be at a disadvantage by using the other methods when I would want to sell my car in the UAE.

Negotiations for the Process of Selling

The seller can then engage in the customary negotiations process with interested buyers and can try to influence their decisions. The negotiations process can be long and include the seller having to be physically oversee the process. He may also be obliged to entertain fake buyers. This can be a very challenging task for the seller as he would not only have to deal with interested buyers but also try to maintain his personal routine along with this activity.

He would be better suited to find a system that takes care of the process on its own and not cause him too much hassle. The professional organizations for car sales are the best option available to him in this scenario as well. The reason being that conducting the process in person, as well as through some other platform is time consuming and does not guarantee him a sale of his car.

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The Best Professional Car Selling Organization

The system of professional car selling organizations is probably the best option available to car sellers in the UAE. Car sellers can be sure of getting a sale with the use of this platform, as it offers them a sales guarantee. That means that even if the seller’s car is in a bad condition, he would still receive a reasonable sales price offer.

The professional system can be accessed by sellers by entering the details of their car onto the online car valuation form that provides an initial selling price for their car. Along with this, the seller is offered to book an appointment for a free inspection of his car by the car valuation experts of the company. After completing the inspection, the experts provide the seller with a final selling price for the car. These aspects take care of the seller’s requirement for a reasonable selling price and also for his need of a proper and thorough inspection by an expert authority.

If the seller accepts the final price offer, then the company immediately buys his car at the spot. The company then transfers the money owed to the seller via an electronic bank transfer. The company also initiates the legal paperwork process that encompasses transfer of authority and sales deeds. All of these processes have been designed whilst keeping the satisfaction of the seller as the company’s top priority. The seller is not only able to satisfy his need for a sales guarantee, but is also relieved of the responsibility of doing the paperwork all on his own.

This way the seller also avoids cash issues and transactional frauds as well. The whole process of inspection and sale can be completed in less than 30 minutes, while the entire post-sale paperwork will be handled by the team of experts at the organization for a true hassle-free process.

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