There is a big market place of cars in Dubai where million dollars buying and selling takes place each day. The government of Dubai has taken many initiatives to make buying and selling business easy but you will still face complications to sell a car. provides a right place for selling any car in any condition in the UAE. The car sellers just need to follow a simple procedure for this. You need to get an online car valuation, and then take an appointment from us and we will take care of the whole selling process in a best way. You are only required to bring some important documents such as ID card and car registration copy while signing the purchase agreement.

After physical inspection of the car, we will make an offer and if you agree on the price, you will simply sign a purchase agreement with us. It is also called (“Mubayaa”) and uses it as a certified agreement to transfer the title of the car.

Selling a car in Dubai is not very easy task. Most people use two ways to sell cars in Dubai. The first way is customer to customer (C2C) mean private selling whereas the second way is customer to business (C2B) mean selling car through dealership. In the first way, you need to dedicate a great time, effort and money on classifieds. It is also not sure whether you make a successful car deal or not. You have to deal with a large number of strangers to find a right buyer and the whole process may take 4-6 weeks. With this, there is a great risk of fraud and scams in private selling.

In the second way of selling, first you need to find a credible dealer. Then, you take your car for its inspection and valuation. For this, you need to pay because dealers charge for the inspection. After this, the dealer will tell you a less price and you have to negotiate with the dealer to get a suitable price of the car. The auto dealers in the UAE try to accept new cars and avoid old car, therefore they don’t rate them good.

There are also many types of dealers in the UAE that specializes in some car categories such as only dealing in SUVs, luxury or small cars etc. Finding a right dealer for your car is very tricky in the UAE. You may or may not find the right dealer and a successful selling of your car is not guaranteed. provides you an ideal place for selling cars. We offer free car valuation and physical inspection in a quick time. We also handle all the selling process i.e. paperwork and legal requirements etc. Our payment method is also secured that is electronic back transfer. We provide you best services and selling experience.