There are many factors that influence the used car prices. Even in a savvy car market like the UAE’ car market, these are some factors that cannot be ignore. The price of your vehicle can increase or decrease because of these factors.

Many of these factors and their severity can be minimized if you take care of them in the initial years of that vehicle. Whereas, at the time of selling only few elements could help make your old vehicle look good enough to get you a huge number of buyers who are interested in buying your car.

There are many ways through which you can enhance the look of your vehicle and increase the value of your car. But then there are things that are out of your control and you cannot do much about it. Sure you can improve the look and the performance of the vehicle with regular maintenance, but there are some factors that cannot be changed and they lead to decreased second hand car prices.

You might be wondering that why is it needed to care for such factors. This is because when someone purchases a used car, he or she will have the goal to purchase a vehicle that is close to new or in perfect condition.

If you want to sell your used car and you are worried about the car prices, then read on. These are the factors that influence the used car prices. You can improve some of them, but there are a few that you cannot do anything about.

Used Car Prices – Black Colour Automobiles

The colour of the vehicle matters a lot regarding the buying price or selling price of automobile. Since many people prefer to purchase cars that look impressive and demanding, the cars that are black coloured always get a higher resale value because it is more in demand.

However, it is not just the black coloured vehicles that get the attention of the used car buyers. The people also prefer to purchase white and grey coloured vehicles as well. If your vehicle is in these colours than you are in luck because you can get good used car prices for your car.

However, if your car is in any unconventional colour like blue, green, red or any other colour, then you can expect the price of your car to go down because you will not find many buyers for your vehicle and you will have to think about lowering the price of your car just to sell it.

This is unfortunate because if you repaint your car then you will be further lowering the price of your car because the price of the vehicle decrease if your car is not in its original colour. This is unfortunate, but you will have to make do with whatever colour your car is in or else, you will to even decrease the price of your vehicle further.

Automobile Brand Matters!

The second car prices also depend upon the brand of the vehicle. The price of the vehicle from a recognized brand will be higher than the price of the vehicle from an unknown brand. For example, if you sell a car by 2009 model BMW, you can definitely get a good price of your car. However, if you sell a 2009 model of a car lesser known brand then you will get a lower price for it.

It also depends upon how recent the vehicle is and when it was purchased. For example, if your car has all the latest safety and technological features, then chances are that you can get good car prices for your vehicle and make a good profit on the sale of the vehicle. However, if your car is really old with no new or latest features than you will not get a good price for your car.

This is the reason why it is always better to invest just a little more when you are purchasing a car because this will lead to give you the opportunity to sell your car for a higher price when you are reselling it. If you have a car by Honda, Volkswagen, Ford or Fiat then obviously the resale value of the car will be less than the value of a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or Audi.

Also, if you purchased an affordable vehicle, then the price of the vehicle will be lower. The used car prices of luxury cars are always going to be higher than that of the normal because of the luxury features. This is the reason why the price of these cars is higher at the time of purchase and this factor remains true when you resale them.

Warranty to Give Higher Price Quote

Another thing that factors in getting higher used car prices is the warrant of the vehicle. If your vehicle has any warranty left then you will be able to get a greater price for your car. Since the person who will purchase your car will have a warranty for the vehicle, he will be able to get things fixed without spending too much money if something happens to the vehicle. This is a great incentive for people to purchase a car that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is an add-on that you should always mention when you are working on selling your car. You should always highlight the points that can get you good second hand car prices for your vehicle and this is one of those factors that will help you a lot.

Even if the automobile has extended warranty, it could aid you for asking high used car prices because this is something that almost everyone would want in a used automobile. This will make the vehicle even more attractive and you might be able to sell your car quickly as well.

Original Paint of Automobile

One suggestion that would always work for your profit while selling your used vehicle is that its original paint matters a lot. First, it should be well taken care of during washing the exterior and even if it becomes dull, do not apply the other cheap paints. Just make sure that it does not get worse and take the help of a service station to apply some wax over it at selling time.

Car prices are reduced greatly at the time of selling if you would change the original colour of your vehicle. All these factors help one in setting a realistic and higher price of vehicle to sell it to a private buyer. But not every buyer of your used vehicle would require from you to involve in such hassles. Some Specialists Car Buying Companies deal with the car selling clients in quite an efficient way providing them a hassle free procedure.

Sell Your Used Car to Car Buying Specialists

If you don’t want to think about these things and still want to sell your car quickly and at good used car prices, then your only option is to sell that car to a Car Buying Specialist Company. These companies will buy any car in any condition as long as you are willing to sell it.

It does not matter what brand, model, year and condition your vehicle is in. You will always be able to sell your car to them and turn a profit and buy a new car almost immediately. How is that possible? This is because these companies can purchase any car in just 30 minutes.

To sell your car to them, all you would have to do is go to their website and use their free online car value calculator to get an estimate value of your car. If you like that price, you can book an appointment with the company and meet with them at a day and time that you are available.

At the meeting, the car expert will check the vehicle thoroughly and give you a final offer by the brand under 30 minutes. If you like their final offer, you can sell your car to them right away. They will take the car keys and handle all the post-sale paperwork so that you don’t have to do it.

They will make a single payment in the form of bank transfer so that you don’t have to worry about your money. Once the paperwork is ready, they will send these papers to you as well so that you can keep a record of the sale.

This is the best way to get great used car prices and sell your car quickly without having to worry about anything and without spending any money on your vehicle to improve its value to increase its price.