As a car seller, you will always try to find the best way to sell your car in UAE as the car market here has grown rapidly and the car selling process has become so fast that it takes just a few hours to get your car sold. However, with such a rapid market growth, it has become very difficult for the sellers to find the suitable place to sell a used car in the UAE.

Today, I can use different platforms to sell my used car in the market, for example, the classified websites, private car dealers, etc. These platforms have made it easier for the sellers to sell their used cars without even going to the car market. The usage of the classified websites is on a rise among the car sellers as the internet services have made it easier for all of us to utilize the online selling and buying services. Similarly, the private car dealers have also become an important source of securing a car selling deal and it is considered the safest way to sell a car as there is only one middleman involve in this whole process.

Here are some tips that ensure the sellers of a safe car selling process in the UAE.

Can Classified Websites Sell Your Car in UAE for Free and Safe?

The classified websites are in reach of nearly each and every car seller who is looking to sell a car in the market as the internet services have made their usage easier. There are a number of classified websites that are being used for selling and buying online worldwide, which make it easier for the customers to do all such deals even sitting at home. Moreover, there are few most important social media websites that the car sellers are using frequently to make the car selling process easy. These social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube that are used for free selling and buying.

Can Classified Websites Sell Your Car in UAE for Free and Safe

I can simply post an ad of my car on the classifieds and popular social media websites to sell my used car in the UAE. The classifieds are an important source of reaching a large audience that is considered important by the sellers to secure a safe car selling deal. To post an ad, the seller needs to take some quality pictures of the used car with a quality camera and put some essential information about the vehicle on the classified websites. The seller must make it sure that the information it has just provided must be accurate as it helps to get the buyer’s confidence easily. The posting of the ad on the classifieds cost nothing so the seller can post a free of cost ad of a used car.

The posting of car selling ad does not ensure the sellers that the car will be sold at a good price because the popularity of the ad depends on how many times it is shared by the viewers and for this purpose, the sellers can easily reach the official pages of popular car dealers where they can post their ads to reach a large number of viewers and buyers.

All of this makes the classifieds attractive to sell your car fast but does this ensure a safe car selling process? It might do not. As the classifieds are open platforms, the fraudsters can be easily spotted on these platforms who always make themselves ready to trick the inexperienced car sellers. These fraudsters approach the sellers through classifieds as potential car buyers and try their best to lure the innocent car sellers with lucrative offers that become difficult to ignore. A number of fraud cases have been reported in the UAE where the sellers are approached by the fraudsters through classifieds as potential car buyers and either run away with the vehicle while doing the physical inspection or pay a bogus cheque as a mode of payment. Thus before you sell your car in UAE through classifieds, you must make yourself assure of the buyer’s identity to secure a safe car selling deal.

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Sell Your Car Fast through Private Car Dealers

The private car dealers have been considered as an important way to secure a safe car selling deal by many car sellers for a long time. It has already been mentioned that the UAE car market has grown immensely, which has led to a rapid rise in the number of private car dealers. This makes the sellers reach car dealers with ease to sell their used vehicles.

Sell Your Car Fast through Private Car Dealers

A fake private car dealer will always try best to hide his/her identity when a car seller asks about it. The registered private car dealers hold trade licenses and are registered with the authorities. While on the other hand, the fraudsters do not hold any trade license and always try to divert the seller’s attention over this matter. Thus before selling used cars to private car dealers, the sellers must ensure themselves about the dealer’s identity or otherwise, they will suffer from a fake car selling deal.

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Sell My Used Car for Cash to a Professional Car Buying Company

If you want to sell your car in UAE by avoiding all such difficulties then selling it to professional car buying companies is easier as they ensure a safe process with free of cost services and also handle the post paper work in legal terms. However, not all of them provide free of cost services and the sellers are obliged to pay some amount of cash to secure their services.

Sell My Used Car for Cash to a Professional Car Buying Company is a professional car buying company in the UAE that offers a secure platform to sell your car at a very good price. The company provides free car valuation and inspection services for car sellers and do not charge them anything for these services. is registered with UAE authorities and follow a legal car buying process with an ambition to provide excellent services to the customers.

The company has a highly automated system for the valuation and complete process of car selling and buy the car in any condition following a very secure method for sellers. The process of selling a car to starts by filling an online car valuation form that the sellers can easily fill at the company’s official website. The company has an official legal car expert team with which the seller can book an appointment at a nearby branch of the company after filling the online valuation form. has a vast network of branches and it also provides its online services free of cost. As soon as the seller brings the used vehicle for physical inspection, it just takes 30 minutes for the expert team to do the physical inspection. After completing the physical inspection of the used vehicle, the company’s car expert team offers a price of the vehicle to the seller that is open to negotiations. No agreement will be signed between both parties as long as they reach a final price and if no price is agreed, the seller is completely free to walk away with the vehicle.

An agreement is signed between both parties when they reached a final price to bind the car selling deal and all this takes place within just 30 minutes as it has been vowed by the company that it will make the whole car selling process fast and easy. This led to a fast and safe sale of a used vehicle and the seller is paid through electronic bank transfer when the vehicle’s title is transferred form seller in company’s name. prefers to pay though electronic bank transfer as it is automated and does not include any kind of cash or cheque thus eliminating all kind of money related risks that are involved in selling a car through classifieds or private car dealers. also takes care of the post car selling paperwork that relieves the sellers of all kinds of worries and the car get sold in the safest and easiest way available in the UAE. Moreover, the company deals with all kinds of cars without preferring any brand and the vehicle’s condition.

To sell your car in UAE, the method of car selling of is the best, safest, and easiest.