How to sell used car online is one of the most important question that baffled the mind of a car seller while selling a car. The car market in the UAE has grown so competitive that selling a used car at a good price has become a difficult process. Today, there are hundreds of dealers in the UAE’s car market who are dealing with car selling and buying on a daily basis.

Selling a car needs great awareness as there are many fraudsters who are looking to grab an opportunity to buy the car. Various car selling fraud cases have been reported these days in the UAE car market where the fraudsters either run away with the car while doing a physical inspection or give a dud cheque to the seller.

If a car seller lives in the UAE and searching for the best place to sell car online then finding the most trusted and safe platform to sell any car is not very difficult now. Here are some of the best safe ways to sell a car online in the UAE.

Sell Used Car Online via Classified Websites

Classified websites are the most popular way of selling a car online as the car sellers can post free ads for their cars. The sellers can also use a free calculator to account their car’s value. Similarly, the sellers can make free accounts to save their data for a long term. However, there are also different precautions that the car sellers need to take on before selling their used cars via these classified websites.

Not all of the classified websites are registered with the authorities that provide an empty playground to fraudsters who always look to grab the opportunity of fooling a car seller. The classified websites do not take any responsibility of such kind of incidents and the seller left with nothing else but regret in haste of where to sell my car online.

So, the car seller always needs to get prepared himself while selling a car via classified websites. The seller needs not to go alone while taking his car for inspection as it has been said that a good comrade is a blessing. The tricksters will do their best to pursue the seller to accept a cheque as a mode of payment, which the seller must not accept. The mode of payment needs to be in cash or otherwise the seller must not sell his car.

By following these above mentioned precaution measures, the seller can sell his car safely at a good price and can avoid any kind of scam.

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The Rising Car Selling Scams in the UAE

The incidents related to car selling scams have been on a rise in the UAE in the recent times where the buyers used multiple tricks to fool car sellers. Recently, a fraud has been reported where a fraudster managed to run away with a Nissan GTR while examining the interior of the vehicle. According to the information provided, the car owner placed a car selling ad on a classified website where a dealer contacts him.

The fraudster asked the seller that he wants to inspect the vehicle before making the final decision. The seller agreed with the fraudster and brought his car for a physical examination and the meeting took place. The fraudster requested the seller to allow him to inspect the car as per according to the settlement. As soon as he reached the interior, he saw the seller busy on a phone call, the fraudster ran away with the vehicle. However, the seller notified the Police without wasting any time who began the search for the stolen GTR.

In this year, many other incidents related to car scams have been registered with the UAE police. Paying a dud cheque to the sellers in return of their vehicles is also another important issue that the car sellers have been facing in the UAE. Accepting a cheque as a mode of payment has never been considered good by the car experts as it may result in the scam.

Similarly, in recent months, the Abu Dhabi Police arrested a gang who was running an illegal business related to car selling that affected around 3,700 car sellers. The scam worth around AED 2.3 Billion where the members of the arrested gang acted as professional car dealers and made significant profits.

To avoid such kinds of scams, the car seller needs to look for a registered car dealer or a popular website that has been working on car dealings for a long time. The car seller can take advice from a leading car expert or can check the online registration of a buyer with the authorities before selling a car. Sell used car online has been an attractive and easy phenomenon but the seller needs to take all safety measures before selling a car.

Selling a Car with Registered Car Dealers

Identifying a fake car dealer has never been an easy process as most of the car dealers easily entice the sellers with lucrative offers for their vehicles. A fake car dealer will always try his best that the seller must not ask him about his trade license and if asked by the seller, he does not give a satisfactory answer. Such fake dealers offer nothing but fake deals that result in loss of the vehicle as well as of the cash.

The car seller needs to ask a car dealer about his trading license before selling his car. The registered car dealers provide an excellent platform for the car seller to sell used car online. These car dealers show their trading licences to the car seller whenever asked. They also prefer to make the payment in cash instead of a cheque and carefully do the paperwork. So, it is ideal for a seller to first find out the trade license of a car dealer before selling his car.

Sell your Car with

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