The UAE is seeing a big change in its trade and business markets these days. The internet has made it very easy for people to conduct their business and live their life. Online platforms are now an important part of the everyday life of people. Now people can sell or purchase cars instantly on the internet and face the least amount of hassle in the process. For this purpose, online car selling platforms have been created, which allow the seller to obtain a price of his choosing.

The online platforms include many car selling websites which are able to give the sellers a rough idea about the price of their cars and then how to sell them efficiently. There are many online platforms available in the UAE, including Classified Websites, Social Media Websites and also Professional Car Selling Services websites. Each one of these web based sales platforms have their own set of advantages, however it is important for car sellers to know which one is the best website to sell car out of all the ones available.

Traditional Methods of Selling Cars in the UAE

There are a number of traditional car selling methods still present in the UAE. Many people choose to use these methods because of their popularity in society or because of the limited sense of security that they provide. These methods include selling car through physical dealerships or through car dealers located in different parts of the country.

Traditional Methods of Selling Cars in the UAE

The car dealers and physical dealerships are often found to be unlicensed because they are not registered with the authorities and are thus illegal. Unlicensed car dealers are unsafe to deal with because there is no legal protection for the sellers in case they have to deal with a fraudulent case. The law cannot stop the fraudsters in such circumstances. Many dealers and dealerships have fake licenses, which when verified by the authorities are proven to be false.

The fake dealers can also ask a seller to bring his car for inspection and then rob him of his car during a test drive. These methods are therefore not feasible, and force the seller to figure out the best website to sell car in the UAE.

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Social Media Sites Being Used As Car Selling Websites

When it comes to internet based car selling platforms, people face far less hassle in comparison to the traditional methods. Internet based platforms not only allow the seller to sell his car from the comfort of his home but also offer a better chance of selling the car for a good price.

Social Media Sites Being Used As Car Selling Websites

With regards to this, Social Media websites have been used recently as car selling sites. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are being used to display information for the public so that sellers are able to make a good sale. This platform is preferred by the people because of how easy it is to use.

Anyone with a social media account can post and check other ads for car sales. But that is also a major weakness of the system. Anyone with social media access can easily view the personal information of a seller in this system. This can lead to blackmail and exploitation in some cases. Therefore, despite their user-friendliness, Social Media Websites are not safe and should therefore be avoided.

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Classified Websites are a Better Alternative, But Not the Best

Classified Websites are another popular way of selling cars in the UAE. Classified Websites work by allowing the seller to create a free user account on the site, which can be used to keep a check on the activities and messages that the seller might receive. They work by allowing the seller to create advertisements that list the details of the car and the selling price that he wants. Sellers are then contacted by interested buyers.

Classified Websites are a Better Alternative, But Not the Best

This system is quite effective in keeping the reach of the ads limited to those that are looking to buy a car of the same category. But there are certain limitations to these car selling sites as well. The classified websites provide no guarantee of sale to the seller. Many fake buyers who have no interest in actually purchasing the car are given a chance to disturb the seller. There is also the problem of ads taking at least 2 to 3 days to upload because of requirement of prior approvals and background checks by website administrators. This slows down the process of selling and can cause discomfort to the seller.

And then, classified websites often remove certain ads from their webpage after the ads have been displayed for more than a week. This can be a major problem for sellers who haven’t found a good buyer for their car and need more time for the ads to be displayed. Certain websites offer premium packages which let the ad to be displayed for a longer period of time, or be displayed on the main page of the website. But these packages are expensive, and end up costing the seller large amounts of money.  It can be understood from these facts that classifieds aren’t truly reliable car selling websites either.

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The seller must now be wondering whether there is a platform that allows him to sell his car quickly, safely and without any hidden charges. The seller’s questions regarding the best website to sell car in the UAE can be answered by the professional online valuation and car selling services of The website is run by a well renowned car selling organization that has extended its reach throughout the UAE. The website works with the help of an online price calculator that provides an initial price estimate for the car.

The seller has an option to accept the initial price offer and book an appointment for a detailed physical inspection of the car after which a final price can be offered to him, or to simply keep a record of the initial price and use it to sell the car somewhere else.

In case he decides to book an appointment, the company then sends its physical inspection officers that are experts in their field. Once they offer a final selling price after examining the car, a new phase of negotiations can begin. The seller at this point again has the choice to walk away with his car. If the seller chooses to accept the offer, then the company buys the car from him and takes care of all the legal paperwork on its own. This is done to maintain the company’s sales guarantee. It doesn’t matter how bad the car’s condition is, the company will offer a good price for it and will eventually offer to buy it as well.

In comparison to all the other methods mentioned above, the professionalism of the team proves that they are one of the best car selling websites in the UAE.