To sell used car online in the UAE has become an easy process as there are a number of online platforms available for the sellers where different car selling deals take place on daily basis. The access to the internet has made it easier for nearly each and every one of us to use online platform for selling and buying and this has also become familiar with car selling and buying process. The introduction of advanced technologies and powerful performance attributes with new designs have made brand new cars a point of attraction for car lovers but the usage of used cars is also rising as most of the new cars are out of reach of the customers who are left with no other option but to buy a used car.

The car sellers are using different platforms to sell their cars including private car dealers and classified websites. It is easier for the experienced car sellers to sell their used vehicles to private car dealers or through classified websites but a number of cases have been reported in the UAE where the inexperienced car sellers have suffered from a fake car selling and buying process. The sellers always prefer to find the best place to sell car online as they wanted to sell their cars safely to avoid any kind of fake car deal.

Here are some important tips that can help the sellers of avoiding a fake car selling process in the UAE.

Are Classified Websites Best Options to Sell Used Car Online?

The process of selling a used car through classified websites is easy as it does not require the sellers to take their vehicles for physical inspection or to pay any kind of amount to sell their vehicles. Today, a number of classified websites are active to provide services to sellers who prefer to reach the potential buyers of their vehicles to save time and money. On the other hand, the classified websites are not considered safe by many car sellers because of different reasons that result in the fake car selling deals.

As a car seller, the process of selling my car online through classifieds start form posting an ad for my vehicle that I can even do at home. All the sellers have to do to post the ads of their used vehicles on classifieds is to take some quality pictures of their vehicles and post them on any classified website alongside some essential information of the vehicles. Some classified websites also require the personal information of sellers so the buyers can easily reach them.

Now here lies the problem of selling through classifieds. When a seller puts his personal information on classified websites, it can be reached by anyone and can be used with evil intentions. Moreover, the classifieds do not follow any legal process of selling and buying and are also not registered with the authorities that make them not legally binding to any deal that happened through these platforms. The UAE authorities have registered a number of fraud car selling cases where the buyers either run away with the vehicle while doing the physical inspection or pay a dud cheque as a mode of payment.

The classified websites might seem an easy way to sell used car online but they do not follow any legal car selling process and a number of fraudsters can reach the sellers as potential car buyers. Moreover, the classified websites do not claim that we buy or sell any car, therefore, these websites cannot be trusted.

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Where to Sell My Car Online – Can Private Car Dealers be Trusted?

The private car dealers are considered important and trustworthy by many car sellers to sell their used vehicles as the process of selling a car through car dealers involves only one middleman that reduces the risk of car selling. For a number of years, the private car dealers have been dealing with car selling and buying throughout the world and with the ease of internet access, they have also established their online services of car selling that attract the sellers to sell used car online to private car dealers.

A car seller has to pay some amount to get the services of private car dealers but this whole process of selling a car to private dealers does not hold a hidden cost that the seller might have to incur in the end. However, before selling a used car to private car dealers, the sellers must ask about the identity of the dealer as most of the car dealers do not hold any trade license and are not registered with the authorities. These fake car dealers run fake car selling businesses where they gather money only for themselves and do not provide any service to car sellers.

So, to sell a used car to private car dealers is not always secure and the sellers must enquire first about their trade licenses or they might suffer a fake car selling deal.

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Selling my Car Online Free to is a legal car buying company in the UAE that is registered with the authorities and follow a legal car buying process. This is the most trusted and reliable platform to sell a car online in the UAE and provides free of cost services to the customers. provides online car valuation service that is the most trustworthy and secure option available for the sellers who wants to avoid the hassles of selling their used vehicles to private car dealers or through the classified websites. The company’s mechanism of car selling and paying is automated and registered that relieve the sellers from all the worries of selling a used car.

A car seller who wants to sell used car online to has to first fill an online car valuation form to provide basic information about his used car. This online car valuation form is available on the company’s website and give an idea of the total value of the car to the seller. After filling the form, the seller can book an appointment with leading car expert team at any nearby branch of the company for physical inspection of the vehicle. As it has already been mentioned that the process of selling a car to is completely safe as the company is registered with the authorities, it also provides free of cost services and charges nothing that the sellers might have to pay while selling a used car to the private car dealer.

The price that is offered to the seller at the beginning of the process is open to negotiations as it is subject to post physical inspection of the vehicle. After doing the physical inspection of the vehicle, the car expert team tell their final price of the vehicle to the seller who is totally free to accept or reject it. However, by accepting the offered price, the sale of the vehicle can be done within just 30 minutes and the seller can go home without losing any precious time.

A deal is signed between the company and the seller to transfer the tittle of the vehicle in the company’ name after which the seller is paid for the vehicle. follows a safe method of payment because it is automated and the company pays her clients through electronic bank transfer to relive them from any kind of payment issues. The company buys the vehicle in any condition and even accept the damaged and non-running vehicles that make it the most lucrative option to sell any car in the UAE.

The takes care of the post-sale paperwork as well as it has vowed to make the whole car selling process easier thus minimizing the burden on the car sellers. This is the easiest way to sell used car online in the UAE as follows a legal car selling process that is based on the principle of maximizing the comfort of car sellers and minimizing all the security risks that the sellers might face when they take their vehicles for sale to private car dealers or sell them through classified websites. Moreover, the company also pays the sellers a good amount of their used vehicles and also in the best possible easy way that does not involve any kind of fraud.