Many car sellers find it difficult to find the best website to sell car in the UAE, as different cases have been reported in the country where the car sellers have lost their cars at the hands of fraudsters while selling them through some online car selling channels. It might be intimidated for the first time sellers to find these online websites attractive to sell their cars but as you know, many sellers have suffered fake car selling deals, it is not always safe to sell your car through online car selling websites.

The market in the UAE is diverse where new precedents are being set every day and sellers have opted to sell different products online. This process of online selling of different products is also becoming familiar with car selling because people want to save their money as well as time. Today, many websites are operating to provide car selling services in the UAE and it has become a complex network where it is difficult to find the best site to sell car.

This is an important reason that why sellers should always take precautionary measures before trying to sell their used cars through online channels. Moreover, the traditional ways of car selling such as the private car dealers, have also established their online platforms for car selling and buying to enhance the convenience of sellers. However, this must not lure you as the businesses set by these dealers revolve around generating money only for them and do not help the sellers with a safe car selling process.

Here are some of the important tips to find the best site to sell car in the UAE where you can easily sell your car.

Best Website to Sell Car – The Classified Websites

With the rising popularity of online selling and buying of cars, the classified websites have become an important platform to sell used cars online in the UAE. Today, a number of classified websites are operating across the region where sellers can sell their used cars. These websites allow sellers to create an online free account that they can use to provide basic information about their cars and keep in touch with buyers. The sellers are required to provide the details of their used cars that include model, make, and year and to create a car selling ad, they are obliged to provide some quality pictures of their cars alongside their personal information so it will be easier for buyers to contact them.

Best Website to Sell Car - The Classified Websites

These websites are not registered with the authorities and also do not follow any legal process of car selling. This put the security of sellers and their cars at risk because anyone can reach the personal information provided by sellers and can use it with bad intentions. One always tries to find the best site to sell car but the classified websites are not the perfect platform to safely sell any used car. A car seller has recently lost his used car by selling it through the classified website when the buyer run away with the car while doing its physical inspection. Moreover, certain cases related to bogus cheques have also been reported across the UAE where the sellers are paid through fake cheques.

However, one cannot deny the convenience of the easy car selling methods follow by classified websites. As it has already been mentioned that multiple security threats are always present, so classified websites are not the best website to sell car.

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The Social Media Websites

With the ease of access to internet services, it has become easier for nearly each and every one of us to use different popular social media websites. It is easier to use these websites and people are selling and buying different products through these websites. The mostly used social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. One can use any of these websites to sell used cars as different car dealers have established their online car selling networks on these websites.

The Social Media Websites

All the seller has to do is to create an online account where the car selling ad can be posted. To post this ad, the seller has to take some pictures of his/her used car and put them on any of the websites alongside with personal number and essential information about the car. The popularity of car selling ad on these websites depends on its total number of likes and how many time it is shared on different pages. Moreover, one can post a car selling ad on any of the official pages of private car dealer to reach a large audience.

This whole process might seem easier but these are not the best car selling websites because they cannot assure you of a safe car selling process. Your security is at risk and you can be approached by any fake buyer. However, for an experienced car seller, the process of selling a used car through social media websites might seem easier as he/she already has experienced this process.

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Can the Private Car Dealers Sell Your Car Safely?

Private car dealers are considered to be the traditional way of selling and buying of used cars as people have been consulting them for decades to sell their used cars. With a rapid expansion of car market in the UAE, the businesses of these dealers have also seen a rapid expansion as many buyers look to buy used cars. Moreover, in this modern era, the private dealers have established their online platforms of car selling and buying to enhance the convenience of their customers.

Can the Private Car Dealers Sell Your Car Safely?

These dealers are providing online services and many sellers think their websites to be the best website to sell car across the region. One should take the precautionary measures before selling and buying any used car through the private car dealers as their online businesses revolve around generating money only for themselves and the process of selling and buying is mired in security risks.

The private car dealers cannot ensure a safe car selling deal because many dealers do not hold any trade license and can trick the innocent sellers in instant. These fake dealers are not registered with the authorities that help them escape from any kind of prosecution and there are also some hidden costs that one has to suffer alongside the original cost of the whole process.

So, it is always recommended by the leading car experts that before selling any used car to any private car dealer, it is important to enquire his/her trade license and one should make it sure that their online websites are safe and can safely sell the used car.

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Which is the Best Website to Sell Car?

There is nothing to be worried after reading all the above mentioned security risks that mired the processes of selling and buying of different platforms. A number of professional car buying companies have started their businesses in the UAE where they are making car selling deals safe and secure. The popularity of these companies is rising because of their safe processes and their safe online car selling websites. However, it is important to note that not all of these companies provide free of cost services and might charge hefty amounts.

If you want to sell your used car free and safely then sell it to because it is a free and safest platform to sell any used car. The is a registered and professional car buying company in the UAE that buys any kind of car as long as the seller is willing to sell it. It has a number of branches across the region where its professional car experts make the car selling deal easier and safer.

All you have to do to sell your used car to is to fill an online car valuation form that is available on the company’s official website and is easy to fill. This online car valuation form requires some important information about the car and will tell an estimated price to the seller. If the seller likes this estimated price then he/she can book a free appointment with our experts for physical inspection of the car.

The car expert team at do the physical inspection of the car within just 30 minutes and tell the final price to the seller. As soon as the seller accepts the offered price, it leads to an immediate selling of the car and after that, the seller can go home with the money. The company pays her clients through electronic bank transfer and also takes care of the post-sale paperwork.

This is an easy and safest platform to sell any used car online in the UAE that makes the best website to sell car.