While selling damaged cars in Dubai, one often finds it a difficult process as damaged cars do not ensure a better profit since buyers avoid purchasing them. It also becomes difficult for the sellers to find the right platform to sell a damaged car at a good rate because fake car selling platforms have made it even more difficult to sell used cars at better prices. In all these circumstances, CashAnyCar.com provides the best platform for selling any car as the company purchases all kind of cars, even accident damaged vehicles.

If the car has suffered an even a minor accident and the seller tries to sell it as an accident-free car, it might be a criminal act and the seller might have to face legal actions. This becomes even more dangerous when you are a private seller trying to sell your car by not telling anyone about the car’s real condition. However, there are different ways through which the sellers can sell their damaged vehicles such as selling cars for scrap or in bits and pieces, but that is not an ideal way to sell any car for a profit.

If you still want to sell your damaged car then CashAnyCar.com is the right place to sell it where your car is evaluated at zero cost and you can get the best resale value for it. Here are some easy tips that help in selling damaged cars in Dubai.

Selling Damaged Cars – Finding an Alternative to Scrapping your Car

As it has been already mentioned, CashAnyCar.com will buy any kind of car as long as the seller is willing to sell it. CashAnyCar.com is a professional car buying company in the UAE that is registered with the authorities and has an expert team which evaluates the car within just 30 minutes and offers the best price to sellers.

While evaluating the accident damaged car, one might find that the residual value gets lost because these type of cars are usually considered to be worthless and very few buyers are willing to purchase them at any cost.

If sold through any other platform, these buyers will only think of getting maximum profit from this kind of deal and will not pay the seller a profitable amount. Moreover, the seller can try to sell the car to junk yards, but they also pay a very little amount that becomes very difficult to accept.

Selling Damaged Cars - Finding an Alternative to Scrapping your Car

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How Can You Get a Calculated Value of Your Damaged Car?

To sell a damaged car in the market, the sellers often have different questions such as where they can find the best price or if there are any reliable sources to sell their damaged cars. These and many other questions baffle the minds of sellers who always try to find the best platform to sell their damaged cars.

Selling damaged cars to CashAnyCar.com ensures that you get a better resale value. You can use the company’s online car value calculator to evaluate your car and get the best possible estimate price. All you have to do is to put the required information about your damaged car in the online car value calculator and get an estimate price for your car in just a few seconds.  However, it is important to note that this calculated value is open to negotiations and the company offers its final price once the physical inspection of the car is done.

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Sell Your Damaged Car to CashAnyCar.com

The company provides the fastest and most reliable platform to sell any damaged car and offers free of cost services to its clients. Since the company does not belong to any brand, one can sell any car from any brand to the company. There are no additional costs that the seller has to pay while selling a damaged car to the company.

The car repair Dubai process is costly and there are no benefits to repairing a damaged car if its repairing cost exceeds the actual value. It is always recommended by the leading car experts that before trying to sell any damaged car, it is important to calculate its repair cost and if it exceeds the actual value then it is important to sell it without repairing it.

What are the Benefits of Selling Damaged Cars to CashAnyCar.com?

There are a number of benefits one can enjoy while selling a used or damaged car to CashAnyCar.com that make it a perfect platform to sell any car in Dubai. As the company is registered with the authorities and follows a legal process of car buying, there is no security risk of losing your car. The company has an official car expert team that evaluates the car’s total value within just 30 minutes.

One can easily evaluate the price of the damaged car while selling damaged cars in Dubai at CashAnyCar.com. The online car value calculator at the company’s official website is easy to use and accurately tells the price as per information provided by the seller. The company’s official car expert team comprises of some of the leading car experts that evaluate your damaged car within just 30 minutes to give you the final offer after the physical inspection of the vehicle.

Another important benefit of selling damaged cars to CashAnyCar.com is that the company pays you through electronic bank transfer and protects your private information. This the most important benefit that one cannot enjoy on any other car selling platform. A number of cases have been reported in Dubai where the fraudsters use the personal information of sellers with evil intentions that put the sellers at a security risk. However, there is no possibility that the seller’s personal information will be at risk when they are selling damaged car to CashAnyCar.com.

Paying through electronic bank transfer is also getting importance in these days. Other means such as junk yards or private car dealers do not use this online channel to pay their clients. CashAnyCar.com pays its clients through electronic bank transfer thus relieving them from all worries of selling their damaged cars in the market. We also take care of the whole post-sale paperwork process so you sit in comfort and let the company serve you.

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Checklist for Car Repair Dubai

In Dubai, there are strict rules to follow while selling used cars in the market and in term of their fitness, if the seller provides any wrong information then it is considered as a criminal offence. An accident damaged car can be repaired only if its actual value is not exceeded by its repair cost.

However, if one goes for car repair Dubai, it is important to follow these steps:

  • A complete check-up of the air conditioning system
  • Service your car
  • Always check your car’s battery
  • Mechanical check-up and complete service of your car
  • Minor and major damage repairs

While selling damaged cars, one should always try to find out all the possibilities of repairing the damaged parts of the car. A car that is completely damaged, but still has some parts that can be repaired then the seller should repair them before selling to increase its resale value. For example, the engine of a car is its most important and expensive part, so if there is any chance of repairing it then the seller should consult a mechanic to repair the car’s engine to earn a better resale value. Similarly, the gear box and air conditioning system of a damaged can get better money if they are repaired.

CashAnyCar.com is always ready to Buy Your Damaged Car

If you still do not want to follow any of the above mentioned car repairing tips, you can still sell your damaged car to CashAnyCar.com as the company takes care of the whole car selling process and makes it easier for the seller to sell any car, regardless of its age, condition, make and model.

CashAnyCar.com is the best platform for selling damaged cars in Dubai where you just have to bring your car and within few minutes you can go home with the money.