The process of selling a used car online has become easy as nearly each and every one of us has access to internet services. Today, people opt to sell and buy different products online to save their money and time and this is also becoming familiar with the selling and buying of used cars through online channels. The demand for used cars on the market has never fallen even the car makers are introducing modern vehicles that are equipped with advanced technologies and stylish looks. The major reason behind this phenomenon is that the modern vehicles are coming with hefty price tags and are not affordable for all. So, the buyers are left with no other option but to buy a used vehicle.

The private car dealers can help me in selling my car as they have experience and required skills to make the car selling process easier and profitable. However, theses dealers cannot ensure me of a safe car selling deal and I have to look for another way. Similarly, the sellers can use classified websites while selling a car but these websites do not pursue any legal procedure and their security is also minimum.

Here are some of the easy car selling tips that can help you avoiding the fraudsters when you decide to sell a used car online.

Can Classified Websites Help You Selling a Used Car Safely?

The classified websites are used to sell a number of products online as they provide an easy platform of selling and buying. Over a period of time, the classified websites have gained huge importance in the domain of selling and buying used vehicles because these websites are considered an important platform to reach a large number of customers and also at zero cost. The classified websites are providing services to the sellers but the leading car experts do not rank them safe as these websites do not follow any legal procedure and are not registered with the authorities.

As a car seller, while selling a car in the UAE, you will always try to find the best place where you can sell your car safely and at a good price. To sell a used car through classified websites, you have to post a car selling ad of your vehicle with some quality pictures of the vehicle and essential information about it. The posting of the ad on classified websites does not charge any cost and is also an easy way to reach a large audience. The sellers are also required to put their personal information while posting the ad so that the buyers can easily contact them.

It has been already mentioned that the classified websites are not registered with the authorities, so your personal information is not safe and can be reached by anyone who can exploit it with evil intentions. A number of cases have been reported in the UAE where the fraudsters have successfully tricked the innocent car sellers through classified websites while selling a used car. Moreover, in certain cases, the fraudsters either run away with the vehicle while doing the physical inspection or pay bogus cheques as a mode of payment.

The sellers who have experience of selling used cars through classified websites can make the car selling process proficient as they can easily identify the fraudsters as not all of the buyers come with evil intention. However, if you have no experience of selling used vehicles through classified websites then you must avoid them or you will become a victim of a fake car selling deal.

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The Private Car Dealers

When you decide to sell your used vehicle the first thing that comes into mind is to consult some private car dealers as they can give you some important tips to sell any used car at a good price. The private car dealers are one of the oldest ways of selling used vehicles and their importance has not declined even in this era of globalization where each and every product can be bought or sold online. The private car dealers have also established their online services and the sellers can reach their official websites or social media pages to consult them to easily sell their used vehicles.

The major benefit of selling a used car to a private car dealer is that there is only one middleman involved in this whole process and the sellers can avoid the loss of their vehicles. However, before you sell your used vehicle to any private car dealer, you must ask about his trade license as many fake car dealers are running fake businesses. Their business models only evolve around generating money for themselves and they are not interested in providing true services to the sellers. Moreover, you can also incur any kind of hidden cost at the end of the deal that these private car dealers often avoid telling the sellers at the beginning of the process.

So, while selling my car to any private car dealer, it is important that I must enquire about his trade license and also about any kind of hidden cost if involved so.

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Selling My Car to

The most effective and proficient way to secure a profitable deal for your used car is to sell it to some professional car buying company. The is a legal car buying company in the UAE that deals in all kind of vehicles and make the whole car selling and buying process easier for the seller. The company is the most trustworthy and reliable platform that help in selling used cars because it has a wide network of customers and branches in the UAE. is completely safe and secure as the company is registered with the authorities and follow a legal process of car buying.

The process of selling a used car to starts from filling an online car valuation form that is available on the company’s official website and is very easy to fill. This online form requires basic information about the used vehicle that the company utilizes to make the deal. All the seller has to do is to put the make, model, and total mileage of the vehicle in the form and the seller will get an estimated price of the vehicle. If the seller likes the estimated price then he can book an appointment with our car expert team for the physical inspection of the vehicle.

This appointment with the car expert of can be done at any nearby official branch of the company. The seller is completely free to set the time and date for the physical inspection of his vehicle. As a car seller, this is the best way of selling my car because the car expert team do not take much time and do the physical inspection of the vehicle within just 30 minutes. After this, the car expert team tell the seller the final price of the used vehicle that the seller can accept or deny.

If the seller accepts the offered price of the vehicle, it leads to an immediate selling of the vehicle and the seller will be paid as soon as the legal documentation is completed. The does not charge the seller any single amount of money and this whole process of car selling is free of cost. The company pays her clients through electronic bank transfer to avoid any kind of payment issues. As it has been already mentioned that the company deals with all kind of vehicles and even accept the damaged vehicles that make it the most lucrative platform for selling a used car in the UAE. takes care of the post-sale paperwork thus relieving the sellers of all kinds of worries from selling the used vehicles that they can face in the used car market. This is the best and easy way of selling a car in the UAE as makes the car selling process easier and safer, which is based on the principle of maximizing the comfort for the sellers and minimizing any kind of security risk that the sellers face when they take their used vehicles for sale in the used car market. The company pays the sellers a good amount of their used vehicles that make it the best platform for selling a used car, which does not involve any security risk or fraud.