The importance of cars cannot be overstated in modern times. Cars have become a necessity in the modern world because of the ease they create for people. Almost every household in the UAE has or knows someone that has a car. The importance of cars in our daily lives came about due to our commitment to having modern and reliable means of travelling, and in order to make our commute more comfortable. The car market of the UAE has grown because of this very fact, and therefore the country has been witnessing the arrival of new and advanced cars over the last decade.

Buying is a car isn’t easy, but selling a used car is probably a lot more difficult. This is because the selling price of a used car is usually very hard to ascertain, and there aren’t many reliable ways for the seller to fulfil his need of a good enough selling price. The seller needs to be aware of the platforms that provide car valuation and selling services in the UAE. The basic requirements of sellers revolve around the acquisition of a reasonable selling price, a safe and secure selling environment and a hassle free process.

The platforms that allow you to sell your car in UAE include Registered Car Dealers, Classified Websites, Social Media Websites and Professional Car Selling Organizations. All platforms provide selling services, but their individual methods of delivery are all a little different than one another. The levels of comfort that they provide to sellers also vary, and that is why the seller needs to identify the method that can be the best of all. The following recommendations can be quite useful in saving money and keeping the car selling process as easy as possible.

Secure Ways to Sell Your Car in UAE: Avoid the Pitfalls of Fake Dealers

The platform of car dealers is one of the oldest methods of car sales in the UAE. Car Dealers are still frequently used by people in the country, because their presence seems to reassure the sellers of their authenticity. But this alone cannot be enough to identify them as genuine people. There are many fake dealers working under the guise of providing sales services to the public in the UAE as well.

These people are fraudsters who are only looking to gain profit by exploiting the seller. The real car dealers aren’t reliable either, as the time it takes for them to get in touch with an interested buyer and initiate the even longer phase of negotiations is far more time consuming than one would like it to be. The seller is bound by this slow progress and can only hope for a miracle that reduces the time taken.

Thus it is advised to avoid the hassle of car dealers in the UAE.

Online Platforms are a better Alternative, But They Need Scrutiny as Well

The emergence of the internet has made life a lot easier for the people. This includes the people being able to buy and sell things online. The buying and selling of items over the web has made it quite easy for people to make sales and purchases without having to leave the comfort of their home. This has also increased the usage of such platforms by the people.

Online Platforms also make it easier for people to clear their payments and dues electronically and on time. As a seller, you need to be able to identify the method that would provide you with the best direction to sell your car in UAE, and therefore you must critically analyze all of the platforms in greater detail. Keep in mind the following tips and guidelines that are mentioned as well.

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Classified Websites

The platform of Online Classified Websites is arguably the most well-known online car sales platform in the UAE. People can create free online accounts on these websites and then post ads with the details of their vehicle. The ease with which the seller can access the ads of other people and also post his own is one of the reasons for the popularity of this platform.

The issue that sellers need to consider before using this platform include the possibility of the seller being contacted by fake buyers, who would look to just pass their time. Such people can be a source of discomfort for you, and would not hesitate in calling you at odd hours. Despite this being an online platform, the Classified Websites cannot provide any security to the seller.

There is another issue of the time it takes to upload an ad on these websites. The site administrators take at least 2 to 3 days to verify an ad and then post it. They also take no responsibility for the actions of people that use their platform, and thus it cannot be considered as a viable option to sell my used car in the UAE.

Social Media Websites

Social Media Websites have been used recently for selling cars. It is understandable, because anyone who uses the internet is bound to have an account on one of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These platforms allow people to engage with others from all over the world. Car Sellers can post their ads either on their own timelines or onto various pages or groups for large audiences. This is both a positive and negative aspect of these websites.

The security of the seller is at serious risk with the use of these websites, as people with evil intentions can not only view the ad but might also be able to gain access to the personal information of the seller. This can result in blackmailing, theft or some even more terrible incident. The seller can try as much as he can to avoid such circumstances, but there are no protective measures in place to ensure that the people interacting with him on Social Media Websites are genuine people.

As the seller you should venture to find a better alternative for dealing with your car selling issues, as the platform of Social Media Websites poses more risks than advantages for you. The best method to sell your car fast is waiting to be sought out.

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Professional Car Buying Organization:

The seller’s best bet lies in using the professional car buying services of, which is the premiere car buying platform in the UAE. The platform is well known in the UAE and provides sale services across the country. The organization uses advanced methods for car price valuation and all of its price estimates are based on the make and condition of the car. The system has an online car valuation form, which when filled provides the seller with an initial price estimate of the car. In case the seller agrees to the price offered, he can book an online appointment for a free physical inspection of his car by the valuation professionals of the company.

After completing the inspection, the seller is provided with a final selling price for the car and if he agrees to it, then the company immediately purchases the car from him. The amount for the purchase is paid electronically to the seller via electronic bank transfer, and the legal paperwork is taken care of by the company as well. The activity can be easily rounded up in a matter of 30 minutes, including the valuation, inspection and sale. The seller should consider the following things before coming to the conclusion that this is the right platform for him:

  1. Sales Guarantee: The Company provides a guarantee to the seller that regardless of the condition of his car, he will be offered a reasonable selling price. His car will be sold at the end.
  2. No Hassle: The seller is completely free from the burdens of having to run behind buyers or meeting with dealers, he can relax at his home and his car will be sold for a good price.
  3. Time Saving: The process is built around the idea of reducing the time that it takes for one to sell a car. Therefore, the time taken from valuation to sale is 30 minutes at maximum.
  4. Freedom to Choose: The seller is also free to walk away from the process at any point with his car. There is no obligation on him in this regard.
  5. Secure Payments: The element of security is increased by the use of electronic bank transfer because the seller does not have to worry about dud cheques or cash frauds.

It can therefore be understood by the tips and facts mentioned above that the sales platform is the best and most way for you to sell your car in UAE, and should be preferred when selling cars in the country.