When I try to sell my car for cash in the UAE, I often come across different platforms that provide me different ways to sell my car. The car market in the UAE is expanding rapidly due to a huge influx of the brand new cars and rising demand for the used vehicles. The car buyers cannot afford the new vehicles because of their hefty price tags and incline toward buying the used vehicles.

However, the police in the UAE have registered a number of car selling scams where the sellers while selling a car for cash suffer a fake deal that ultimately results in the loss of the vehicle. The private car dealers are providing car selling services for a long period of time and a number of sellers trust them. Similarly, the classified websites are also used by the car sellers to sell their used vehicles as these websites are considered an important platform to reach a large number of buyers.

Here are some of the easy methods that you can follow to sell your used vehicles safely and quickly in the UAE.

Sell My Car for Cash to Private Car Dealer

The private car dealers have always been considered important for selling any car for cash and a large number of sellers consult them in this matter. These dealers have established their business models and are also providing online services of car selling and buying. The private car dealers always try their best to find the best way to sell the used vehicle and make the sellers agree in hope of gaining profit.

As it has been already mentioned that the car market in the UAE is expanding rapidly so does the number of car dealers. Today, a number of car dealers are available in the car market of the UAE who are making car selling deals on daily basis. This has given rise to fake businesses as different cases have been reported in the UAE where the sellers have suffered fake car deals while selling their used vehicles to private car dealers.

It is always important to first enquire about the trade license of any private car dealer when I try to sell my car for cash. A registered car dealer will never hesitate to show his trade license whenever asked by the seller while a non-registered private car dealer will always try his best to divert the attention of the seller when he is asked about the trade license. Moreover, it is also important to keep in mind that before selling any vehicle to these dealers one must make it sure of no involvement of any hidden cost in the deal.

So, when I want to sell my car for cash to private car dealer it is imperative that I must ask the dealer about his trade license. It is also important that the seller must ask them not to pay any hidden cost throughout the deal.

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Selling a Car for Cash through the Classified Websites

The ease of internet service has made it easier for nearly each and every one of us to use the classified websites to sell different products. The sellers are using these websites to save their time as well as the money and this is also becoming familiar with the car selling as many car sellers are using these websites to sell their used vehicles.

The classified websites are very easy to operate and the sellers can easily post the car selling ads. All the seller has to do is to take some quality pictures of his used vehicles and post them on any of these websites along with some information about the vehicle. The seller needs to provide the correct information about the vehicle to avoid any kind of difficulty in the future.

It all seems to be an easy process but the classified websites are not registered with the authorities and do not follow any legal process of car buying and selling. A number of cases have been reported in the UAE related to car selling scams where the sellers are approached by the buyers through classified websites and they either run away with the vehicle while doing the physical inspection or pay a dud cheque as a mode of payment. The classified websites cannot be charged with providing security assurance because they are an online platform for car selling where anyone can sell used vehicle at zero cost. However, there are some classified websites that also charge the sellers for posting the ad of the vehicle.

While selling a car for cash through classified websites, one needs to understand the security risk related to these websites. The seller must consult an experienced seller who has already sell his vehicle through classified websites to avoid any kind of fraud. It is also important that you take any other person with you when the buyer is doing the physical inspection of your vehicle and immediately inform the police if the buyer runs away with your vehicle.

The seller needs to ensure that the payment should be made in cash and not in the form of any cheque. The possibility of paying a fake cheque is very high in these cases and the seller can easily avoid it by refusing to accept any kind of payment in the form of a cheque. These are some of the easy and important recommendations that the seller should consider before selling his car through classified websites and he can even sell his used vehicle to the best platform available in the UAE without being worried of any kind of issue.

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I Want to Sell My Car for Cash – Sell Your Car to CashAnyCar.com

As a car seller, you can easily sell your car without being worried about any fake car deal and also sitting at your home. The private car dealers and classified websites cannot ensure a safe car selling process and you might suffer the loss of your vehicle. There are different online platforms available in the UAE where the companies are helping the sellers in selling their cars. However, these companies also charge the sellers for providing their services.

The CasAnyCar.com is a professional car buying company in the UAE that deals in car selling and buying. The company has established a legal online network for car selling that is providing quick and free of cost services. The platform is a professional company and provides legal advising, free online car valuation, and takes care of the whole car selling process efficiently. It is registered with the authorities that make it free from any kind of security risk and also has a number of branches across the UAE for the convenience of the sellers who go to the company for selling a car for cash.

To sell any car to CashAnyCar.com, all the seller has to do is to sit at home and open the online official website of the company. There is an online car valuation form available on the company’s website that the seller has to fill. The company has mentioned some easy steps that the seller needs to follow while filling this online car valuation form. This form requires the seller to put the make, model, and year of the vehicle along with some personal information that the company will not share with anyone. After filling the form, the seller will get an estimated price of his used vehicle and if he likes this price then he can book an appointment at any nearby branch of the company for the physical inspection of his vehicle.

This appointment with the car expert team of CashAnyCar.com is free of cost and the team will do its best to complete the physical inspection of the vehicle within just 30 minutes. When I want to sell my car for cash, I can easily sell it to CashAnyCar.com as it buys all kinds of vehicles and even accepts the non-running vehicles. The leading car expert team of the company tell the final price of the vehicle to the seller and there is no obligation by the company on the seller that he must accept the offered price. The seller is completely free to accept or reject the offered price. However, once the seller accepts the offered price then it leads to an immediate selling of his used vehicle.

The CashAnyCar.com pays her clients through electronic bank transfer and the seller can safely go home with the money. Moreover, the company also takes care of the post-sale paperwork thus relieving the seller from all kinds of worries.

This makes the CashAnyCar.com the best place to sell my car for cash in the UAE.