As a car seller, you will always try to find out the best way to sell your car, especially when it is for the first time that you are selling your used car. The rapid expansion of car market in the UAE has given rise to the businesses of private car dealers who are always there in the market to help sellers in selling their used car. However, not all of these dealers hold trade license and can assure you of a safe car selling process.

Finding the best way to sell a car is little intimidating for the first time sellers as they do not have enough experience in the market. Today, people are using classified websites to sell their used cars, but not all of these websites are secured as many sellers have suffered fake deals. Moreover, different market factors such as prices and performance also affect the car selling deals.

Here is a detailed review of how you can find the best way to sell car in the UAE.

Are the Private Dealers the Best Way to Sell Your Car in the UAE?

For decades people are consulting private car dealers to get their used cars sold. The private car dealers have successfully established their businesses in the market around the world and are providing their buying and selling services to customers.

A number of sellers consider the private car dealers the best way to sell a car in the market at a good price and in a safe way. These dealers tell you that they will sell your car and you have to pay to secure their services. Moreover, you might be asked to pay any hidden cost somewhere in the whole process that irks sellers.

By selling your car through private car dealers, you have to wait for a specific period of time to find any suitable buyer. Today, many dealers have fake licenses, which are not approved by the authorities. These fake car dealers can also rob your car while doing the physical inspection, thus, selling a used car through private car dealers might not prove to be a profitable option unless you are aware of the market trends and the identity of private dealers.

Selling Car to the Private Dealers

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Best Way to Sell a Car – The Social Media Websites

Welcome to this era of globalization where people are living in a global village. Today, nearly each and every one of us has access to the internet services that make the life easy. People are using internet based social media websites to sell used cars from the comfort of their homes as these websites provide a better chance of selling the car at a good price.

The popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are being used to display the car selling ads so that the buyers can easily buy the cars. You might consider it the best way to sell your car safely, however, anyone on these websites can access your personal information that might lead to blackmail and exploitation in some cases.

So, the social media websites are not safe and should be avoided despite their friendliness.

Selling Via Social Media Websites

Can Classified Websites be the Best Way to Sell Car?

The classified websites are another popular way of selling the car in the market that are being used by a number of sellers on daily basis because of the access to a large number of buyers at once. These websites are free to use and the sellers can easily create their online accounts. The classified websites allow sellers to create advertisements that list the details of the car and personal information of the sellers.

To sell any car through the classified websites, the sellers are required to create an online car selling ad of their cars. This ad requires some quality pictures of the car, important information about the car, and personal information of the sellers so that the buyers can easily contact them. It is easy and might seems the best way to sell your car, however, it is important to note that not all of the classified websites are registered with authorities and any fraudster can exploit you.

A number of cases have been reported in the UAE where sellers have suffered fake car selling deals through the classifieds. The fraudsters either run away with the car while doing the physical inspection or pay a dud cheque as a mode of payment.

Therefore, it is important to take these precautionary measures before selling your car through the classified websites:

  • Always go the testimonials of the classifieds before creating an online car selling ad.
  • As a seller, one always look for the best way to sell a car and it is important to make yourself sure of the identity of buyer who comes to buy your car.
  • During the physical inspection process of the used car, make your presence assure in the car to prevent the buyer running away with the car.
  • Never accept the payment in form of a cheque. Ask the buyer to pay in full cash or through electronic bank transfer.

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The Best Way to Sell Your Car – Sell Your Car to

One must be wondering if there is any safe platform to sell the used car quickly, safely and without any hidden charges. There are a number of professional cars buying companies in the market providing car selling services to sellers. These companies make the car selling process safe and quick as they are registered and hold trade license. However, most of the professional car buying companies are charging sellers with some amount when they bring used cars for selling at their platforms.

The is a professional car buying company in the UAE that is authorized by the authorities and provide free of cost services to sellers. With an iota of doubt, the car selling procedure of this company has made it the best way to sell your car across the region and a number of sellers are bringing their cars to us for selling.

At, we provide the best, easy and free of cost and car selling services. There is no need to first arrange a meeting or to create an online car selling ad. All you have to do is to fill an online car evaluation form at the company’s official website, which is very easy to fill. All the guidelines to fill this form are mentioned on the website. Once this form is filled, you will know about the estimated price of your car with the help of our online car value calculator.

If you like this estimated price, you can book a free appointment with the company’s official car expert team. The provides the best way to sell your car and the car expert team will do the physical inspection of the used car within just 30 minutes. Once the physical inspection is done, our team give you the final price of the used car and you are completely free to accept or reject it.

As soon as the seller accepts the final price it leads to an immediate selling of the car and the seller can safely go home with the money. The buys all type of cars and it doesn’t matter if your car is damaged, we buy any car as long as the sellers are ready to sell. Moreover, there is no need to go the RTA’s office for deregistration process of the car as we also take care of the post car sale paperwork.

The understands the severity of payment process in the UAE as many cases have been registered with the Police where sellers are paid in fraudulent ways. The company pays you through electronic bank transfer, thus, makes the whole car selling process safe.

In comparison to all other platforms mentioned above, the procedure of proves that it is one of the best way to sell your car quickly and safely in the UAE.