As a car seller, you will always want to know how to sell a used car safely in the UAE. There are different platforms available in the car market where sellers can sell their used cars, but only a few of them are safe to sell cars. Similarly, the regular platforms of car selling might lead to deals that are costly and do not satisfy your expectations.

It is always important to find a reliable platform to sell any used car, especially if you are selling your car for the first time. The car sellers have been finding it difficult to safely sell used car since the car market has seen a rapid growth. This rapid growth of the UAE car market has resulted in a number of car selling and buying deals on a daily basis that make it difficult for the beginners to safely sell a car. Moreover, there are a number of fraudsters in the car market who always make themselves ready to exploit the inexperienced car sellers with fake car selling deals.

Here are some safe car selling tips that help in finding a right platform to sell used cars in the UAE.

How to Sell a Used Car – The Private Car Dealers

The car sellers when going to a car expert to know where to sell a used car for free and safe in the UAE, mostly, they will be answered to sell them through the private car dealers. The private car dealers have been providing their services of selling and buying for decades and they suggest a suitable price valuation for a better deal in terms of security. Moreover, the process of selling a used car through private car dealers just include one middleman that ensure the safety of this whole process.

Sell a Used Car to A Private Car Dealers

The car sellers often come with a question, “where can I sell my used car?” The private car dealers are trusted by a number of car sellers as there is a fixed amount in the process that is exchanged between the seller and the buyer at the beginning of the deal. Moreover, there will be no hidden cost that the sellers have to pay to sell their used cars through private car dealers.

However, does this mean that selling a car through private car dealers is safe and you will get a good price? It certainly is not the right answer to how to sell a used car in a safe way.

Today, a number of private car dealers have established their online car selling services to make car selling easy for sellers and to improve their businesses. However, the business models of these car dealers work only for the acquisition of money for themselves and do not offer free services to the car sellers.

The car sellers need to ask private car dealers about their identity as it is important to sell a car in safe manners. A registered car dealer will never hesitate to show his/her trade license whenever asked by the sellers to show them. However, the fake car dealers will always try to hide their trade licenses as they do not hold any.

So, if you are trying to sell a used car, it is always important to keep in mind all of the above mentioned security risks that are related to selling a car through private car dealers.

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Where to Sell My Used Car – The Classified Websites

The classified websites are the online platform for selling used cars and the usage of internet has made it easy for sellers to use these websites at the comfort of their homes. You can post an online car selling ad on any of the classified websites at zero cost. While posting the ad, you are required to put the correct information about the used car that you are trying to sell or otherwise it will become difficult to find a potential car buyer.

However, it is important to note that the classified websites come with little or no security confirmations to assure you about the identity of buyers whom you are selling your used car. The most important problem that the sellers face when they post their car’s selling ads is that these websites also require the information about car sellers that might put them at risk of losing their personal information at the hands of fraudsters, which can manipulate it with evil intentions.

The ease with which the fraudsters can reach your personal information must be a matter of concern when you are trying to figure out how to sell a used car safely in the UAE. Similarly, the variation of individual car selling experiences of car sellers is very important when selling a car through classified websites. The car sellers who have had good experience of selling used cars find it easy to sell a car as compared to inexperienced car sellers who have a little or no experience of car selling through classified websites. The inexperienced car sellers can easily be manipulated by the fraudsters who are just looking to trick car sellers with their evil intentions.

A number of cases related to car selling frauds have been reported in the UAE where car sellers have suffered fake car selling deals at the hands of fraudsters while trying to sell used car. The fraudsters either run away with the vehicle while doing the physical inspection or pay a dud cheque as a mode of payment.

Therefore, the classified websites simply cannot guarantee a safe car selling deal that left car sellers with nothing but to wonder how to sell a used car safely in the UAE.

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Sell Your Car to

The most reliable platform to sell a used car in the UAE is that makes selling a safe and easy activity for car sellers. is an online car valuation and sale company whose mechanism of car selling is the most trustworthy and secure option available for car sellers to sell their used cars in the UAE without the hassle of going to the private car dealers or trying to find a suitable car buyer through the classified websites. is a professional car buying company in the UAE and is registered with the authorities that make it a safe platform to sell any used car. To know how to sell a used car through is not a difficult process as the sellers are required to fulfil some basic requirements.

The process of selling a car through starts by filling an online car valuation form that is available on the company’s website. Once the form has been filled, the sellers can book an appointment with the company’s official car expert team at its any nearby branch. The car expert team of will offer a starting price of the car to the seller that is open to negotiation as long as a final price is agreed between both parties.

You can take the car for physical inspection at any nearby branch of The company has always prioritized to make the physical inspection of the car easy and hassle free, thus, only take a few minutes to inspect the car. The car expert team of will do the physical inspection of the car within just 30 minutes and offer a final price to the seller, which if accepted by the seller, can lead to an immediate selling of the car. make the process of selling a used car easy and hassle free in the UAE. The company’s method of payment is completely safe as it is automated and the sellers are paid through electronic bank transfer. The company also takes care of the post-sale paperwork thus minimizing the burden on car sellers. follow a simple and easy process of car selling in the UAE that is based on the principal of maximizing the comfort of car sellers and minimizing all the security related issues. So, it is a reliable platform where sellers get the answer to, “how to sell a used car in the UAE?”.