As a car seller, you will always try to find the best way to sell your car in the UAE as there are different platforms available that are providing car selling and buying services across the country. The UAE car market is very diverse and there are many almost-new vehicles in the market that the buyers are always interested in buying. Moreover, a number of car selling and buying deals have been taking place on the daily basis that makes it difficult to find a reliable buyer, especially if you are a first-time seller.

The car sellers often ask, “Which is the best way to sell a car?” The car experts always recommend sellers to follow effective car selling tips to quickly sell a used car. Unfortunately, there are fraudsters in the market who can exploit innocent sellers with fake car selling deals and the sellers will find it difficult to sell a used car.

Here are some effective car selling tips that help in quickly selling a used car in the UAE.

Which is the Best Way to Sell Your Car?

There are three popular platforms in the UAE where car sellers can sell their used cars that are Private Car Dealers, Classified Websites, and Car Buying Specialists. However, it is important to understand the best practices to sell a car on any of these platforms as their methods of car selling are different.

Selling a Car via Classified Websites

The classified websites are the online car selling platform that car sellers can use to sell their cars from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to these websites, the car buyers have a wider approach and can connect with hundreds and thousands of interested buyers in a day. These websites are free to use and the sellers can save the money that they would have to pay an agent to sell their used cars.

You are always interested in figuring out the best way to sell your car in the UAE. The problem with selling a used car through the classifieds is that these websites come with no security information about the buyers, which makes it difficult to safely sell a car. Moreover, there are fraudsters on these websites who always make themselves ready to exploit the innocent sellers.

The classifieds might seem to be the best way to sell a car quickly in the UAE, but the sellers have to follow safe car selling tips to get a better deal. To sell a car through the classifieds, the sellers need to place an online car selling ad and provide the correct information about the car. There are some classifieds that demand sellers to provide their personal number so that the buyers can easily contact them.

The fraudsters can use the personal number of sellers with evil intentions, especially the female sellers can face more difficulties. A number of cases have been reported in the UAE where sellers have suffered fake selling deals when they sell their cars through classifieds. The fraudsters either run away with the car while doing the physical inspection or pay a dud cheque as a mode of payment.

So, the classifieds might not be the best way to sell your car as there are fraudsters on these websites that can exploit the sellers.

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Are Private Car Dealers Safe to Sell a Used Car?

The private car dealers have been providing their car selling and buying services for decades and are very popular among sellers in the UAE. These dealers are known for offering the best deal in terms of security and there is only one middleman involved in the process that ensures the safety of the whole process. Moreover, there is a fixed amount of money that the sellers have to pay and there are no hidden costs in the whole process.

Car experts often recommend sellers the best way to sell your car is the registered car dealers. These registered car dealers hold working license and make car selling process safe. However, the problem with selling a car through car dealers is that there are fake or unlicensed dealers who lure sellers with the hope of a quick car sale, but do not offer a safe car selling deal.

These fake dealers are not registered and do not hold any working license. They either steal the car away from you or pay a bogus cheque as a mode of payment. Similarly, there are car dealers who have established online car selling services for their business that seem to generate money only for themselves without providing any benefits to the sellers.

Car sellers often ask one another, “What is the best way to sell a car quickly in the UAE”? Selling a used car can be made safe and quick if the sellers follow safe car selling tips recommended by car experts. It is always important that the sellers should ask dealers about their identity and should never accept the money in form of a cheque.

Sell Your Car to Car Buying Specialists

The car sellers often ask car experts, “How can I quickly sell a used car?” they recommend sellers to sell their cars to a car buying specialist such as The is a specialist car buying company in the UAE where sellers can quickly sell their used cars and that is also in a safe way. The services provided by the company have earned it respect among sellers across the country that ensure it is the best way to sell your car.

To sell a car through, the sellers need to follow some easy guidelines. The process of selling a car starts from filling an online car evaluation form that is available on the company’s website. As soon as the form is filled, the company’s online car value calculator intelligently utilizes the information provided by the sellers to give an estimated price of the car. However, it is important to note that this price is open to negotiations as long as both parties agree on the final price.

If the sellers like the estimated price, they can book an appointment with the car expert team of for the physical inspection of their vehicles. Our car expert team always prioritize the physical inspection of a car and offer the best final price to the sellers. As soon as the seller accepts the final price, it leads to an immediate selling of the used car within just 30 minutes of time.

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The is the best way to sell your car as there are no obligations on the sellers. We pay sellers through electronic bank transfer to make selling safe and secure. Moreover, we take care of the post-sale paperwork to minimize the burden on the sellers.

The process of selling a car to is hassle-free and we ensure that you will get the best price for your used car. As it has been already mentioned that there are no obligations on sellers, you can cancel the car selling deal it anytime and simply walks away without any issues. The is the best way to sell your car because the company offers free services and a hassle-free process that ensure a quick and safe car sale.


These above mentioned car selling platforms can be used to sell a used car in the UAE. We have mentioned the pros and cons of every platform so that you can decide yourself the best way to sell your car.