The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically impacted our lives and business industries have also been under the affect. The slowdown in the automotive industry and the car market has also affected the selling and buying of vehicles. The selling of a used vehicle can be a daunting task for car sellers and the pandemic has made it even more difficult.

There are various ways to sell a used vehicle such as through traditional and non-traditional methods. Whether car owners decide to sell their vehicle through car dealerships, classified or an online platform, it has to be ensured that they are following proper social distancing and other Covid-19 guidelines issued by the authorities. Due to these changes, it is suitable for car sellers to probably do more of the car selling process online.

Selling a used is already a challenging task and doing it during the pandemic can be a worrying and stressful prospect for car sellers. With all the social distancing and travel restrictions in place, it is difficult to sell a vehicle through traditional platform of the car dealers that involves a physical process. On the other hand, selling a car through non-traditional platform covers much of the selling process online, which can be safe and best option at present. It is essential for car sellers, however, to compare the different available options and choose the best method that can help them to sell their vehicle in a safe manner, without any risk or hassle.

Here are some key tips on selling used vehicles in the most safe and hassle-free way during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Impact on Selling a Used Car

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the living and working ways of the people are hugely impacted as authorities around the world are requesting to maintain social distancing and less travelling to limit the spread of the virus. As any other industry, the automotive industry is also getting affected due to such restrictions. The selling and buying of a vehicle have become a challenging task, more than ever before. Car owners who are looking for selling their vehicle at this time, might be in for a bit of shock when the price they are offered is far lower than their expected value. In addition, used car values are falling due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent downturn in car sales can be witnessed.

As people prefer to stay at home and spending less on purchasing new things, many car showrooms are closed, and sales began to plummet as a result of the pandemic. The dramatic drop in car sales coupled with rising numbers of vehicles sitting on dealer lots is causing a trickle-down effect on the resale values of the used vehicles. However, car sellers should look for a platform that offers a professional car evaluation service to know the potential resale value of a vehicle. This will enable car owners to sell their vehicle at the right price, avoiding financial loss or wasting efforts on less favourable car deals.

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Why is it Important to Choose the Right Platform?

There are several important aspects of car selling that should be considered when selling a used car in the UAE. Some of these include, choosing the right way of selling your car, knowing its resale worth and having a safe payment process. Selling a used vehicle on the most suitable and reliable platform has become even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic, as this will help in getting good car deals, without any risk or delay.

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Car Dealers

Among the most common traditional methods for selling a car in the UAE, includes car dealerships. Selling a vehicle through car dealerships involves a physical process, where a vehicle is taken to a dealer, and they inspect it and offers price accordingly. Such car dealers are typically very adept at negotiating lower than market prices for the vehicles they buy. However, first time sellers may find it difficult to negotiate a fair value, which may lead to a financial loss.

On the other hand, these car dealerships usually offer a trade-in deal, which involves selling a used vehicle and buying a new one from the same dealer after adjusting the net difference between the two payments. It may sound good initially, but car sellers can either negotiate a good resale price or get a discount on the purchase of a new one. Selling a vehicle through car dealership can offer less beneficial experience to car owners and also expose them to the risk of handling the selling of a car in a physical process during the pandemic.

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Classified Websites

Online classifieds come with several challenges when selling a used vehicle as there is a huge risk of car related frauds and scams. Car sellers are required to provide their personal contact details on classified websites, while listening to repeated requests for the inspection of the car. Due to this, inexperienced car sellers have to deal with strangers that poses a serious privacy risk. Therefore, car selling process through online classifieds can be extremely frustrating with no guaranteed purchase.

In addition, such online classifieds do not have any mechanism to determine the authenticity of all the users on their website. This non-traditional platform of online classifieds can be a relatively unsafe platform for selling used vehicles. The payment process is considered unsafe as well, with a high-risk scams and frauds.

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Specialized Online Marketplace

Another non-traditional platform for selling used vehicles in the UAE include, the specialist car buying companies that offer a reliable, safe car selling process, with a comprehensive online car evaluation service. Therefore, during the Covid-19 pandemic this specialized online marketplace simplifies the process of selling a used car in a hassle-free and safe way. In addition to that, choosing a reliable online platform can help you determine the fair resale value of your vehicle for free, which enables car sellers to look for good deals and get the best resale price for their vehicle.

Final Giveaway

There are various traditional and non-traditional platforms available in the UAE for selling used vehicles. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, sellers are posed with new challenges in an already difficult task of car selling. However, car sellers should choose a platform that can offers the most reliable, transparent and safe process for inexperienced car sellers. It is best during the pandemic to opt for process that handles car selling online and in the most suitable way.

Among all the afore-mentioned options, specialist car buying companies is the most ideal method as it helps sellers in securing safe and best resale price deals. On such a specialized online platform, a comprehensive selling process with a hassle-free approach is offered to car sellers.

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