Whether you have decided to sell your car abroad or to a potential buyer in your surroundings, it is understandable that you will want to know the current market value of your car. Today, one can easily find a number of car buyers in the market who will not waste a second and buy the used car. If one buyer is not giving the right price of your car, it is imperative that you will go to another but it is also important that you should know the market value of your car before putting it on sale.

The current market value of a car is often calculated by the private car dealers who are available in the market to provide their services. Similarly, some online channels such as classified websites are also used to calculate the value of a used car. However, both of these channels are insecure and the seller finds it difficult to know about the value of his/her used car.

Moreover, to calculate the value of your motor vehicle, it is important that you should give importance to some vehicle maintenance tips as they can earn you a better resale price. Instead, at CashAnyCar.com, we provide free of cost car valuation services by letting our car experts examine the used car and our online car value calculator just waits to get the information of the car and will instantly tell an estimated price.

Here are some easy tips that can help you in car valuation in the UAE.

Current Market Value of Your Car – The Private Car Dealers

The private car dealers are one of the oldest platform used for car selling and buying all over the globe. The rapid expansion of car market in the UAE has promoted the business of car dealers and they are now working in great numbers than ever before. As a car seller, you can ask these dealers to calculate the value of your motor vehicle but you have to pay them as much as they demand and also have to wait for an appointment.

Private Car Dealers

These private dealers charge sellers while calculating the value of their used cars and also hesitate to provide accurate information about the car’s value. The uncertainty related to the business models of private car dealers cannot be condoned as it hurts the car selling process. Moreover, the rise in the number of fake car dealers has put this institution in jeopardy. So, it is not easy and secure to evaluate your car through some private car dealers.

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The Classified Website

The ease of internet access has made it easy for the sellers to use classified websites to sell different products. This online process of selling and buying is also becoming familiar with car selling process as many car sellers and buyers are preferring to use classified websites. These websites are easy to use and are an important source of reaching a large number of audience.

To sell a car through any classified website, you have to create an online car selling ad and it requires some quality pictures of the car and your personal information. It is important to note that the classified websites are not registered with the authorities and there is no safe instrument through which you can know about the current market value of your car. As these websites are insecure, it also put your personal information at risk of being exploited by anyone with bad intentions.

Therefore, the classified websites neither tells you about the market value of your car nor they are responsible to protect your personal information.

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How can the Current Market Value of a Car be Increased?

The leading car experts often tell sellers that they can increase the resale value of their used cars by just following some easy car maintenance tips that one can easily follow even at home. It does not matter if the car is new or old, it is important that you should maintain your car as it helps in securing a better resale value.

Car Value


Here are some of the easy car maintenance tips that help in increasing the current market value of your car.

  • Always pay attention towards the exterior of your car. Try to park your car in the garage or under shade when outside.
  • A regular clean provides a good look to your car. Give a wash to the exterior of the car at least once a week and this can be done by using a quality shampoo. After washing the exterior, apply some quality wax to protect the paint of your car.
  • If the interior of your car looks bad it is not going to help in increasing the current market value of your car. To clean the interior of the car, it is important to remove the dust, clean the air vents and dashboard, and remove waste materials from the cargo
  • You also have to do some important repairs, for example, removal of dents and scratches.

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How to Calculate the Value of Your Motor Vehicle?

You can easily find different ways through which you can value the used car and one among them is professional car dealers who charge their clients while providing their services. It is estimated that a specific individual assessment of the car can cost you between AED 200 and AED 800, and that is just to tell the current value of your car.

Value of Car

However, at CashAnyCar.com, you can know about the value of your car at zero cost and we also buy the car as long as you are willing to sell it. We do not charge even a single penny while evaluating the used car and our professional experts complete the whole process within just an hour that has put our services at the top across the region.

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Know about the Current Market Value of Your Car at CashAnyCar.com

As it has been already mentioned that neither the private dealers nor the classified websites are safe to value used car, so the sellers are looking to get the services of professional car buying companies. Today, a number of professional car buying companies have established their car selling and buying businesses in the UAE where they are helping sellers in selling their used cars with ease.


The CashAnyCar.com is a professional car buying company in the UAE that is registered with the authorities and follow a legal method of car buying thus rescinding the risk of a fake car selling deal. The company has a number of branches across the region where its professional car buying experts are making car selling deals a matter of few minutes for the sellers. Moreover, all of its branches are guarded with heavy security to provide maximum safety to sellers.

We do not charge you even a single penny and do the car valuation free of cost in a short period of time. To sell your car at our platform, all you have to do is to fill an online car valuation form that is available at the company’s website, which requires the car’s make, model, and year. This form is used by the company to know about your used car and here the company’s intelligent online car value calculator instantly calculates the estimated price of the car. However, it is not the final current market value of your car as it is something you know once your car is physically inspected by our experts.

If you like this estimated price, you can book a free appointment with the car expert team of CashAnyCar.com that will physically examine your car within just 30 minutes. However, it is important that you should bring along with you the following documentation:

  • Your Emirates ID
  • Vehicle’s Registration Card (Mulkiya)
  • Your Vehicle’s Service History Book
  • Any Extras the Car might have
  • All Sets of Keys

The car expert team of CashAnyCar.com calculate the value of your motor vehicle within just a few minutes and that will be the best price you cannot get on any other platform. As soon as you accept the offered price, it leads to an immediate selling of your used car and the company pays you through electronic bank transfer. Moreover, for enhanced convenience of sellers, the company also takes care of the post car selling paperwork.

So, the CashAnyCar.com is where you just do not get the current market value of your car but you also sell your car and go home with the money in a safe and easy way.